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Feeling Happy :)

Hi Guys

Well where shall I start?

My skin infection seems to of improved a lot, and the skin problem on my face has almost gone – I think I have to thank my best mate for introducing me to Sudocrem, that stuff has worked amazingly well on my face, thank you Ellie 🙂

I feel so much better now and I’m starting to feel more confident in doing things again. I even feel better after doing my exercises too, I did some interval training on my rowing machine on Saturday, I did a 9 mile cycle ride on Monday, which felt great, and today I’ve been to body pump, so far my body is feeling fine at the moment, no aches and pains from my antics 🙂

On the racing front I’ve entered the August race meeting on the 4th-5th at Pembrey, I may do some testing inbetween now and then, but we’ll see what happens.

I’m (hopefully if I can get things sorted) going to France on 21st-22nd July to meet up with my mate and her friend in Paris – for the final leg of the TdF 🙂

In October I’m going to see Les Miserable in London for my sister’s birthday treat, I’ve been wanting to see it for some time now, can’t wait to go.

At present things are looking good for me, so I’m really happy 😀

Take Care, God Bless and Smile


On Safari….

Hi there

Tonight I’m going on safari… well sort of. The village have an annual get together – the safari supper – this is where everyone (who wants to, and have put their names down to go) start off at Uffington village hall to have starters, then everyone gets into the small groups that they’ve been put into (~6-8 people) and go to various peoples houses (who have put their names down to host 1 of the groups) for the main courses, then after that we all meet up again at the village hall for desserts.

Other news:
I went to the doctors on Monday, and was told I had a bad skin infection, so I’m now on antibiotics for a couple of weeks 😦 but hopefully it should clear things up 🙂

I went to body pump on Tuesday, I’m really getting into it, and after just 3 weeks I’m starting to see a difference 🙂

On Wednesday at work I went on a written communication course, which was interesting and (I felt) quite useful.

Well I’d better go now and get ready for going out 🙂

Take Care, Peace


Happy Father’s Day :)


Hi ya

Hope everyone is having a great father’s day today. It’s been pretty quiet for me, but my dad seems to be happy, as he had gone out for dinner at my sister and brother-in-law’s yesterday evening (Rob’s dad was also there, along with the two mum’s). I gave him a couple of quirky items today – a coaster and a book.

I haven’t much over the weekend – very lazy, must do a bit more during next week :).

I watched the MotoGP, Moto2 & Moto3 which were racing at Silverstone this weekend, what a difference a year makes, from torrential rain to dry but very windy. Some very close wheel-to-wheel action in all 3 classes, but I think the most impressive was that of Cal in MotoGP – last on the grid to 6th with a dislocated and fractured left ankle (a big thumbs up to him).

Only a short post for now.

Take Care & God Bless


Hi there

I think my body hates me at the moment :(, for the last month I’ve seem to of had various aches and pains. Update on my toe nail it’s pretty much come off now – though it doesn’t hurt or annoy me so that’s a blessing; and now I’ve probably got shingles on my left side of my neck – oh joy! I’m going to the doctors on Monday to have it checked out.

On Wednesday I went for a 6.5 mile cycle ride – I thought I would get out while the weather was nice 🙂

On Thursday I went down my local (the Fox & Hounds) to watch two morris sides (1 of which my parents, sister & brother-in-law dance with) – in the pouring rain 🙂 what a laugh didn’t stay long but it was nice to get out and be socialible.

Don’t forget it’s Father’s Day on Sunday 17th June 🙂 so be nice to your dads 🙂

Take Care & God Bless


Random Mumblings


Just a bit of random mumbling today.

At work I did a working safely training course all day, though relevent it was a bit tedious on the lecture front of it, but the group discussion and walkabout with camera – taking photos of at risk/hazard areas around the work place – was ok and a bit more to my liking as I’m more of a hands-on/practical person.

I went for a 4 mile cycle ride on Saturday – in the windy conditions – but managed to do the route only a minute slower than normal which was cool 🙂

I started a cross stitch about 3-4 months ago – it was a very on/off affair, do 1/2 hour here and there and then nothing for a few weeks, but it is now finished 🙂 yay

This evening I went to body pump again which was fun and I feel it’s going to be a better class for me to do for my racing as it deals more with upper body strength.

Whilst writing this I’ve had a little furry friend trying to help me 🙂 and I’ve been listening to: Within Temptation – Stand My Ground and Skillet – Awake and Alive.

I’ve been thinking about doing certain things (over the next couple of years) outside work and my racing which inc.

  • Going to Rally GB in Wales this year, well might as well as it ‘s around my birthday;
  • Going to at least one skiing event, thinking maybe Kitzbuehel as it’s one of the blue ribbon events;
  • Looking into doing a welding/fabrication college course – preferrably a part-time one, so I can still work and get some sort of income;
  • Going to the LeMans 24hour event;
  • Going to America and Australia to see some sights and watch a couple a big race meetings in those countries.

So if anyone can give me some advice on these things, I’d be very happy with your help.

Take Care & God Bless


Jubilee Beacon

Hi there,

Sorry for the lateness of this, as I said in my previous post I was going to go up White Horse Hill to see the beacon being lit.
Well me and my dad walked the ~2 mile trek up to the hill we unfortuately missed the actual lighting of it but we did see the beacon in all it’s blazing glory, we then went up to the Castle itself to see if we could see the other beacons from around the surrounding areas.
It was probably one of the most enchanting experiences I’ve ever had. With so many people around the whole ring of the castle with the moon rising up from the horizon watching the beacon on the hill and spotting the surrounding beacons (and a few fireworks). I think the only thing that spoiled it was having the street lights on in the towns surrounding the vale. I ended up being in my own little world, with the feeling of togetherness and the feeling of all the worries and stresses in life being lifted from my shoulders. It felt so special to be part of something so magical. 🙂
Within about 2 hours I had walked to the hill, experienced the atmosphere, and walked back home again.

It was a shame my camera on my phone didn’t show how amazing it was though, I will upload my photo of the Uffington beacon later (as that was the only photo that came out ok). (edit: uploaded photo 17/06/12).

Well I’d better go to bed now as I tired and have to go to work tomorrow.

Take Care & God Bless 🙂


Castle Combe June 4th

Hi there

Well it stayed dry today – yay, even though at times it looked dodgy. The day was again of mixed feelings, more due to not understanding why I was still struggling :/ .  There was a qualifying session and just one race – there was a grid walk just before the race, so the public could come on to the grid and get up close to the cars and drivers. Qualifying was disappointing as I felt I was going well and going quicker then from my previous outings, but my fastest lap time didn’t reflect it, so I was slightly confused (and downhearted) as to what went wrong :(. The race went better I went ~5seconds quicker then qualifying and the car felt more responsive, but I still had problems with keeping up with the rest of the pack, I don’t know if it was due to the guys I’ve been racing with making improved modifications to their cars or whether I was concentrating to much on my bogey corner/s and ending up losing out on the other corners or whether it’s a mixture of both. All in all it was a good day as I felt good in the car, but a frustrating one as well.

I’ll be going up on to White Horse Hill tonight to watch the beacon being lit, but before that I’m going to chill. 🙂

Take Care, Peace


Jubilee Weekend…


Well as you must all know it’s a 4 day weekend due to the Queens Diamond Jubilee, shame the sun isn’t coming out to play though.

I got a few things planned for this weekend the most important (to me anyway) is my racing on Monday at Castle Combe – lets hope it stays dry this time. I’m going to my village’s street party thing and will be going up on the hill to watch the beacon being lit – not sure what else will be going on. The rest of the time will be tidying the house and enjoying the company of my sister and brother-in-law. 🙂

What if anything are you guys doing this weekend?

Songs I’ve been listening to while being on here:
Francesca Battistelli – Beautiful, Beautiful
Francesca Battistelli – Free To Me
Britt Nicole – Indestructible
Flyleaf – Beautiful Bride
Within Temptation – Stand My Ground
Sister Hazel – Your Mistake

Think that’s all for now.

Have a fun and chilled out weekend 🙂


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