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Hi guys

Well I was back out on track this weekend at Castle Combe for my second race meeting of the year (the third of the Welsh Sport and Saloon Car Championship). We had a 32 car grid!

It was a gorgeous warm sunny day ☀, well mostly, we did have a few spots of rain in the early afternoon, though it only lasted 5-10 minutes.

Qualifying: Position: 32nd; lap time: 1:44.693
It didn’t go well, I only managed 5 full laps during the 15 minute session, as the misfire materialised again (yep the same one I had in testing at Llandow), reducing my power output to basically 3 cylinders instead of 4. I was in and out of the pits to try to secure the wires from the vibration, but it wasn’t lasting 😔.
Got back to the paddock area, Tony opened the bonnet up to see if he could reposition the wires and tying them to a different part of the engine to see if the issue went away.
A few minutes later the water hose split and sent lots of hot seaming anti-freeze water everywhere, which was quickly sorted out.

We do rolling starts for our races, and each one this weekend was poorly executed, as the field was strung out instead of being nicely compact, a little frustrating, but you just have to deal with it the best you can, and the organisers have to do what they have to do to keep the racing on time as best they can, I don’t envy them. I can understand Race 2, as we were pushed for time, but even so the back of the grid were still coming round Bobbies as the front were going over the start line 😕.
Race 1 was shorten by 2 minutes as well, but so were most of the other championships racing on Sunday as they were running late, due to an incident earlier on in the day.

Race 1: Finished: NC; Lap Time: 1:49.273
Though I saw the chequered flag I was not classified, as I hadn’t done enough laps. On the green flag lap the car was fine, but the misfire came back at the start of the race. I came into the pits to see if the issue could be sorted to at least give me enough power to go round at a reasonable pace, but it wasn’t to be in the end 😔.
Got back to the paddock and had the coil packs changed, in the hope that would fix the problem.

Race 2: Finished: 21st; Lap Time: 1:40.234
Better race 😄, even though the race was shorten by 5-6 laps, due to the lateness of going out on track and with the track having a 6:30pm curfew. I actually got to race with another car for a most the race! Still with a slight misfire, but nowhere near as bad as before.
We believe the misfire issue could be due to the battery dying – well it is 3 years old – and it struggling to provide the correct power to the coil packs.

Overall mixed emotions from the weekend, mostly frustration, but that second race has given me hope for better things for the next race at Pembrey in August.

I’m staying positive, as we may have finally found the problem to my issue. When a new battery is found, I will be back out testing, to confirm if it is or isn’t the battery, fingers crossed that that is the problem and I can enjoy the remainder of the season 😊.

Until next time.
Take Care and God Bless


Hi guys

Finally I’ve got back on to the race track!

Went testing in this beauty on Tuesday (10th May) on a damp Llandow track. The car felt good, it was running smoothly and I was happy 😊.
Llandow Testing (10-05-16)

Pembrey  Race Meeting – 15 May 2016

The weather was beautiful and sunny 🌞 for most of the day, the clouds did start to come over and the wind started to get up, but not totally hiding the sun, in the afternoon.

Qualifying: Result: 21st out of 24; Lap Time: 1:21.935
Just getting back into the swing of things, after not being at a race meeting for 13 months (Castle Combe April 2015), and getting the feel of the car on the Pembrey track again (18 months since I last raced at Pembrey October 2014).
The car felt good, and was responding well. I was slower than I would of liked, but that was probably just me being a little race rusty I suppose 😉, but I wasn’t last on the grid 😊💪.

Race 1: Result: finished 18th; Lap Time: 1:21.710
I started ok, had a good little battle with Holly for about half the race, until her engine let go 😔. My car started was starting to develop an issue, it wasn’t running as smoothly as it should have been or producing its full power output, though I came home in one piece and finished the race 🏁😊.

Race 2: Result: DNF; Lap Time: 1:20.876
Managed to make a goodish start and overtook a couple of cars off the line, but that’s where the good part ended, coming out of the hairpin my car wasn’t revving properly and never recovered, I came into the pits and got my mechanic to check that everything was still attached as it should, when out again found that the issue wasn’t any better, came back in and had to retire – DNF for me 😔 – one of the coil packs had decided to give up the ghost.
On a positive note though, I somehow managed to go 1 second quicker 😊 which means that I know I have the pace to run with the pack when my car is running smoothly 💪.

So mixed emotions for the day, but staying positive for the rest of the year. Fingers crossed all will work out and I have a good year 😊.

So new plugs and coil packs for the next race, plus some new brakes as well. I’ve got a couple of months now until the next one, and hopefully get out again for another test session.

Next race is at Castle Combe in July 😊

Take Care, Smile and God Bless

Game Over For Racing This Weekend


Well I was suppose to of being racing today, but yesterday I had a call from my mechanic (this was late morning) to say my little MG had developed an electrical fault, and wouldn’t start, real frustrated as the car had been running smoothly all week.
About 3 hours later I had a call to say that they had checked 95% of the electrics, but still couldn’t pinpoint the problem.
About 3-4hours later I had another call to confirm my little car was not happy, with the problem found to be a blown fuse and the ECU got damaged 😦

Words can’t describe how I feel, so gutted not of been racing, I was looking forward to getting back out on the track and trying out the new upgrade to the engine, plus it’s the 25th anniversary for the Pembrey circuit, the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship and the BARC, so a big event.

It’s been a big gap since I last raced in April at Castle Combe, I missed the May race, so yeah many reasons to be disappointed in not racing. Hopefully all will be well for the next race meeting in October, and also have a test session between now and then.

I’m not blaming anyone, these things do happen, it’s motorsport after all. I just wish I had some better luck.

All I can do is keep positive, that things will get better and that I will have a great season finale. As a mate said to me “as soon as you pull up on the start line again all the bad is forgotten”

Keeping my chin-up, and praying for a good end to the year 🙂
Take Care and God Bless guys

Hi guys

Here’s the round-up of the first race meeting of the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship at Castle Combe. The weather was beautiful, blue skies and lots of sunshine.
Front view of my MG

Qualifying went well, better than expected, as it was a bit of a test session for me, with having to re-learn the circuit (having not raced there for about 4-5 years, plus about 3/4 of the track had been re-surfaced) and having to scrub in the tyres.
Qualified: 27th out of 28 – Lap Time: 1:36.808

Race 1:
I had a good start taking 2-3 cars off the line and had a good battle for a few laps with them, before fading due to lack of overall engine power. The car felt well balanced and seem to be going in the right direction with the progress of the car.
Race Result: 24th – Lap Time: 1:35.724
In the assembly area
Race 2:
I didn’t get a particularly good start, the rolling start was slightly slower then the first race and I couldn’t quite keep at my optimum revs. The race itself was rather disjointed, after about 4-5 laps the red flag came out due to 3 cars going together coming out Camp Corner (the final corner) and another car stopped to the outside of Tower Corner. The race restarted, but due to the time curfew at Castle Combe, we only did 2 race laps – which was classified as a full race. It put a bit of a dampener on an otherwise good day.
Race Result: 17th – Lap Time: 1:36.691

Overall I was feeling positive about the day. I now need to find some money to upgrade my engine to give it more power, so I can really do battle and feel I’m actually part of the racing and not just an added chicane for the other competitors.

That’s all for now folks
Take Care and God Bless


Today I went out testing my little MG at Llandow. It was a lovely sunny and dry day – a little chilly, but shouldn’t complain really – and with a few other cars on track to have fun with.
The car handled well down the straights, around corners, and during braking, and the revs were smooth throughout the different transitions.
First race of the season isn’t far away now, being on Easter Monday at Castle Combe. So with a good test session under my belt lets ‘roll on Castle Combe’ to see how my little car goes up against the competition 🙂

In other news:
The Uffington Players did a Pantomime in Feb of The Piped Piper – Sorry for not mentioning this at the time, but was so busy at the time helping out with the production.
In addition to my body pump and Taekwondo, I’ve started doing Konga – which is one of The Jungle Body workouts.
The description of it is:
KONGA is a wild mash-up of Boxing, Kickboxing, Cardio, Afro, Pop, Rock, Pilates, Disco & everything in between. Konga is so addictive because it is the perfect concoction of easy-to-do moves, insane music & routines that are specifically designed to shape, sculpt & redefine your physique. You will go from striking your imaginary opponent, to sexy hip shaking to Beyonce, to a wild Ab Crunching routine. It’s the one class that really does have it all!

I’ve done a couple of cycle rides so far this year, they have proved that I’m still pretty unfit, so that means working out a little more on my endurance. This doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying being out and about, especially when out with mates 🙂

Think that’s all for now folks.
Hope you are all ok
Take Care and God Bless

Pembrey – April 7

Hi guys

Sorry for the delay in writing about my first race of the season.

The season didn’t get off to the best of starts;
Qualifying was a bit disjointed with a red flag early on, due to a fellow competitor blowing up his engine, we then waited in the pits a quite a while, for the marshals to clear up the mess, so I turned my engine off, as we were let out again my car wouldn’t start, so was given a bump start, I got going again. I did 1 flying lap before I stacked my car into the wall, I got out by myself, got seen by the doctor and paramedics at the scene. I want to say thank you to the marshals (who are volunteers) and paramedics for what they do, because without them we wouldn’t be able to race 🙂 thumbs up to you.
Thankfully my mechanic Tony was able to provide me with one of his race school cars – it was only a low powered basic car – but it at least allowed me to race in both races – the 1st race I had to have all the other drivers agree to allow me to race, which they did, I’m so grateful to them, cheers guys 🙂 – I finished both races and brought the school car back in one piece.
I’m ok, just have a large deep bruise on my right thigh, and by Monday I also had aches on the left side of my neck and back. Today I ache less, and feel no ill effects from the crash 🙂 My race car is repairable.

I went to the chiropractor on Tuesday, and found my spine was rather curvy – like an S – I’m all straighten out and feel good. I went to the doctors today just to have a look at my leg, to make sure that there is no other deeper injuries – which there doesn’t seem to be, yay 🙂
Roll on the next race at Pembrey in June – I won’t make the May race at Castle Combe (which is a shame as it’s televised on MotorsTV) due mostly to finances, but also to give my mechanic a chance to mend my car and hopefully do a test.

Other news:
I had to miss my body pump this week of course, but other than that there isn’t anything else to say – interesting or otherwise.

Take Care & God Bless


Castle Combe June 4th

Hi there

Well it stayed dry today – yay, even though at times it looked dodgy. The day was again of mixed feelings, more due to not understanding why I was still struggling :/ .  There was a qualifying session and just one race – there was a grid walk just before the race, so the public could come on to the grid and get up close to the cars and drivers. Qualifying was disappointing as I felt I was going well and going quicker then from my previous outings, but my fastest lap time didn’t reflect it, so I was slightly confused (and downhearted) as to what went wrong :(. The race went better I went ~5seconds quicker then qualifying and the car felt more responsive, but I still had problems with keeping up with the rest of the pack, I don’t know if it was due to the guys I’ve been racing with making improved modifications to their cars or whether I was concentrating to much on my bogey corner/s and ending up losing out on the other corners or whether it’s a mixture of both. All in all it was a good day as I felt good in the car, but a frustrating one as well.

I’ll be going up on to White Horse Hill tonight to watch the beacon being lit, but before that I’m going to chill. 🙂

Take Care, Peace


Jubilee Weekend…


Well as you must all know it’s a 4 day weekend due to the Queens Diamond Jubilee, shame the sun isn’t coming out to play though.

I got a few things planned for this weekend the most important (to me anyway) is my racing on Monday at Castle Combe – lets hope it stays dry this time. I’m going to my village’s street party thing and will be going up on the hill to watch the beacon being lit – not sure what else will be going on. The rest of the time will be tidying the house and enjoying the company of my sister and brother-in-law. 🙂

What if anything are you guys doing this weekend?

Songs I’ve been listening to while being on here:
Francesca Battistelli – Beautiful, Beautiful
Francesca Battistelli – Free To Me
Britt Nicole – Indestructible
Flyleaf – Beautiful Bride
Within Temptation – Stand My Ground
Sister Hazel – Your Mistake

Think that’s all for now.

Have a fun and chilled out weekend 🙂


Hi there

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything and I’m sorry for that. It’s been a bit a of a emotional rollercoaster ride for me just recently.

The high of last week with my (hopefully) successful session on the simulator, to having a deep low of having – regrettably – to pulling out of going to France with my mate @elzrocks to watch the Tour de France (ToF) due to me cocking up, as I have to look after my cat Sirius on the week 16-20 as my parents are away on holiday that week and someone has to look after the ‘very nervous around strangers’ cat. So I’ve been very emotionally upset by this, but sometimes these sorts of  things happen. I hope my mate still has a fantastic trip over in France.

Other news:
I’ve been for a couple of cycle rides and have also been to body pump this week – which was fun 🙂

I’m racing at Castle Combe on Monday June 4th, so if anyone wants to come along they are more than welcome 🙂 hopefully the weather will be better this time round – fingers crossed.

I’ve still got a problem after my 20 mile ridgeway walk from May 12, as I gave myself a black toe (blood blister) which seems to heal ok as it drained nicely, but it’s still black and last night it started to try and come off – nail and all, it doesn’t hurt in the slightest, but I may have to go to the doctors at some point.

My photos from my photoshoot are now ready for collecting so when I get them I will post some of them on my blog.

Right I better be going now as I’m co-leader for this weeks youth club session. Should be fun 🙂

See ya laters,

Take Care and Breathe


Hi guys

Well my day on  the simulator was great fun and more importantly (I feel) really useful; I learnt a lot from the experience, now to see if I can keep the information lodged in my head for my next race (June 4 at Castle Combe). Started out with Matt (Driver Coach) assessing my actual driving standard – which he seemed to be very happy with – then on to how to improve on my braking. The cars I got to “drive” were a F3 car and GP2 car (to assess if I could drive or not) then on to a Renault Clio – which was the closest thing to my MG ZR, being front wheel drive – (to deal with my braking). The tracks I “ran on” were Silverstone National and Castle Combe (which Matt said was one of the most difficult circuits to master in general). I then got the chance to have a go in a F1 car round Castle Combe for the last few minutes – that was amazing fun, and I did pretty well at keeping it in control whilst going at a reasonabe pace 🙂

Other “news” I went and did body combat  this evening – I didn’t do any exercise last week due to recovering (getting my legs back to normal) from doing my 20 mile walk. I feel better now and feel I can continue on with my varied fitness rountine – the weather is really helping 🙂 with warm sunshine and blue skies – yay summer has arrived (well at least for this week, and hopefully for a few more)

Think that’s it for the time being 🙂

Take Care


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