Hi there,

Sorry for the lateness of this, as I said in my previous post I was going to go up White Horse Hill to see the beacon being lit.
Well me and my dad walked the ~2 mile trek up to the hill we unfortuately missed the actual lighting of it but we did see the beacon in all it’s blazing glory, we then went up to the Castle itself to see if we could see the other beacons from around the surrounding areas.
It was probably one of the most enchanting experiences I’ve ever had. With so many people around the whole ring of the castle with the moon rising up from the horizon watching the beacon on the hill and spotting the surrounding beacons (and a few fireworks). I think the only thing that spoiled it was having the street lights on in the towns surrounding the vale. I ended up being in my own little world, with the feeling of togetherness and the feeling of all the worries and stresses in life being lifted from my shoulders. It felt so special to be part of something so magical. 🙂
Within about 2 hours I had walked to the hill, experienced the atmosphere, and walked back home again.

It was a shame my camera on my phone didn’t show how amazing it was though, I will upload my photo of the Uffington beacon later (as that was the only photo that came out ok). (edit: uploaded photo 17/06/12).

Well I’d better go to bed now as I tired and have to go to work tomorrow.

Take Care & God Bless 🙂