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A Different View…


Just a quick post.

Next week I’m going to France (again) but this time for work purposes. I was offered a chance to go to one of the Crown Packagaing factories for a few days, to see what goes on and experience a different side to things. It should interesting in some ways but I’m sure there will be times when I’m going to be pretty bored.

With going to France next week I’ll be missing my body pump session on Tuesday 😦 – I’m just going to have to work a bit harder when I can fit in some exercise to make up for it.

On Thursday the Uffington Youth Club started up again after the summer holidays – it was our 1st birthday (of the new reformed youth club) 🙂 so that was kinda cool.

That’s it for now

Take Care & God Bless


Weekend Round 1…

Hi there

Well the start of my long stretch of busy weekends has begun.

Old Speckled Hen North West Clog Morris had their 20th birthday on Saturday, and had a day of dance in Wallingford – I’m not actually part of the dance side, but my parents, sister and brother-in-law are, so I went along to be social.
Beautiful weather for the event, and Old Speckled Hen (OSH) were joined by 4 other dance sides – Queen’s Oak; Phoenix; Basing Clog; Cry Havoc.
My mum wasn’t dancing as she has a bad back at the moment, so we watched the mass dances (this is where all the sides were in one place and take it in turns to do a couple of dances each), then we went for a wander around Wallingford to see what was there and drink coffee, while the dance sides did their thing at various other spots. We met up again for lunch – there were 3 pubs hosting (The Dolpin; Comrades Club; The coachmaker’s Arms), as none of them could hold all us. The dance sides then went off to do more dancing at various spots again, before meeting up again at the Regal Centre for tea and cake.
I was kind of disappointed with Wallingford as a shopping place, but there were some interesting little shops nevertheless.
A very tiring day, with all the sun shine and walking around, but it was a good excuse to get out the house and socialize.

Sunday was miserable, well weather wise it was, so after spending some time on my rowing machine, I spent my day watching the BTCC (and support races) at Rockingham. I have to say the racing was relatively clean especially considering the weather conditions they were having to deal with.

I did body pump after work – ouch! tonights session was a killer on the legs, but it was still fun 🙂 when I got back home I had my dinner (chilli con carne and rice) and watched the Moto3 race from Misano – which took place last weekend (still have Moto2 to watch). I then had a shower, I feel much better now.

I think that’s all.

Right I’m off to bed now – night all 🙂

Take Care & Chill


A Monthly Report…

Hi Guys

Sorry about not blogging for like a month, but since recently not much has really happened in my life. Well there are a couple of events that I would like to chat about, other than the usual going to work, body pump and the occasional cycle ride.

August Bank Holiday – White Horse Show
The show went ahead even with torrential rain on the Saturday making the fields rather soggy, but we still had a really good turn out of vistors – not many cars getting stuck in the mud either bonus! – I suppose having the Red Arrows doing one of their amazing displays on the Monday helped. The biggest scare that happened was on Saturday when a bolt of lightning struck Fawler Manor (a listed 16th century house); the top part of the manor was destroyed – they are now starting to rebuild it. It took 9 fire engines to put the fire out and with no fire hydrant they had to take the water out of the ditches! No-one was hurt in this incident, though a couple of people were shaken up a little – the residents at the time were on holiday – what a way to end your holiday.
On Monday I was helping out on the Church stall (selling cakes, jams, chutneys etc) and also doing car park duty – it was a bit cold doing that, but it all went pretty smoothly. I also got to hold the Olympic Torch – that was cool!

Right we are now half way through September – where has the time gone – and so far I’ve had my birthday, which was a quiet affair; tidied my bedroom, what an epic challenge that was, still haven’t completely finished but it looks a lot better now; went to Guilford on Sunday for Stage 8 of the Tour of Britain, I went with two of my mates and we were situated in the team parking area – we had fun…

@elzrocks ‘Call’ @v_girlracer ‘Me’ @rhyswhite ‘Maybe’

I also had my finger nails painted by Ellie – they’re so cool!

I’m still looking for a road bike – basically just waiting for a small enough bike to come in to actually try out and get fitted too – I’ve brought a pair of padded cycle shorts which are really comfy and a new pair of cycle gloves (as my old pair have got holes in them).

I haven’t got a free weekend now til November – I’m going all over the country: Wallingford; Essex; Pembrey; London; Birmingham doing very different things in each place.

Not long before my last race of the season at Pembrey on October 14th. I’m hoping this will be my day when things go right and I have a great day 🙂

Right I think that’s brought you guys up to date, I hope to be able to do better at writing on my blog in the next few weeks 🙂

Take Care & God Bless


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