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Hi guys

Where has the time gone, I can’t believe it has been 6 months since I lasted blogged!

What have I done in that time, well going back to last year a couple of things;

November 2015
I went with my mate Elz to see the Rapha Supercross at Kings Cross – which in the end was cancelled due to bad weather – but I did take these photos of the outside part of the circuit

and the Revolution Series at the Lee Valley Velo Park, I have never been to a velodrome before, it was great fun, and I enjoyed myself a lot, the atmosphere was buzzing! 😊

I went to see a Lost Innocence gig at The White Swan in Aylesbury, and I have to say these guys are amazing! – and I’m not just saying that because my brother-in-law plays the keyboard for them – I would definitely recommend going to see them if you get the chance. They are a covers band, and they do covers of Within Temptation, Nightwish, We Are The Fallen, Evanescence etc

December 2015
I did a Taekwondo grading for my green belt, which I managed to pass and gain yay J I was pretty nervous, the higher up I go the more nervous I seem to get, I think it’s due to having to remember more stuff and each pattern/form gets just that little bit more complex.
Green Belt Certificate (12-12-15)
January 2016
Went to watch my mate Elz at Dalton Barracks for a CX race. Well impressed with her performance, especially as she was suffering with a cold. Met a couple of her riding buddies too, Toria and Caroline – great guys! ‪#‎amazingride ‪#‎soproud 😊

At her next CX race I actually helped out in the pits for her – very muddy, but a lot of fun. I’m so proud of her, she is doing great! 😊

February 2016
Panto time – Beauty and the Beast 🎭
We performed three shows, all three went well, with the obligatory minor hiccups of course, though very funny ones 😄 The cast were all amazing and the backstage crew did a great job too!
The audience, on all the nights, were great with all the interactions of the show as well. The whole production just seemed to flow and – though a lot of hard work was put into it – be quite relaxed.
Well done to all the cast and crew for an awesome show, you guys are amazing!

Now that I’ve got up to date with what has been going on in the last 6 months. It’s almost time for my race season to start. I’m racing in the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship again this year, as it’s such a relaxed, fun and friendly group to be with 😊

I’ve got a test session next Thursday (21st) at Llandow, which is leaving it a bit late I know, as my first race of the season is on the 24th April at Pembrey. Hopefully all goes well, and I can ease myself back in to the car before the race, instead of going in cold.
I will keep you posted on how the test session goes and the first race.

Take Care and God Bless


Hi Guys

Sorry I didn’t post in July, I don’t know why, but I just didn’t seem to have time.

Well I decided that I would make July the month that I would cycle everyday except for 2 days – 1 of which is when I do my body pump. I did well, I managed to cycle on most days – admittedly my rides weren’t long, between 8-12 miles long, though I did do a 21 mile ride. There were also a couple of occassions where I didn’t ride my road bike – once I took my very old mountain bike out for a spin, due to having some meetings to go to and the roads to the places I needed to get to were pretty rough, the other time was when I was at the Vulpine Cycle Fete in London (The Lion pub in Hampton Wick), had I was made to go up against Matt Stephens (Former British Pro Cyclist) on the fixed gear static bike challenge (can’t remember what the actual name of it is), but I have to say I didn’t do too badly against Matt, I was only 5.5 secs slower, which considering I have never done it before, and I lost my rhythm at one point (I know I can’t really make excuses for not doing better, as I’m generally not that good) but I gave it go anyway 🙂

I also had a week off work just to chill, but some how ended up doing more stuff then I was planning, not that I’m complaining as the weather was beautiful, and I also spent some time with my best mate Ellie, which included having a swim in a private outdoor pool 🙂 well nice!

The last week of July I came down with a horrible cold, where I started off with a very sore throat, which then turned into going partially deaf (which at one point was quite painful), coughing so hard at times that I almost vomited, and having my nose alternate between being blocked or running :(. I’m now fine after a couple of weeks like it.

Now we are into August, all my weekends seem to be booked up with something going on.
The first weekend I went to a BBQ with some work collegues, which was nice and chilled, we had a couple of light showers during the day, but it didn’t stop us from sitting outside and enjoying the day 🙂
The weekend just gone I was helping out at the village summer teas – which happen every Sunday during June-September. I also managed to get back on my bike again and did a 17 mile ride.
This coming weekend I’m racing at Pembrey, which I will report back about. Hopefully everything will go well this time! But this week I’ll be testing my car at Llandow to give it a shake down.
The weekend after (the bank holiday weekend) is the Uffington White Horse Show, which I’ll be helping out at, doing car park duty and also manning the Church stall selling homemade cakes, jams, marmalade etc.

I think that’s it for now til after my race meeting, not long to wait now 🙂

Take Care & God Bless



March Fly-by


Where has March gone. It’s gone by so fast, I must of forgotten to do something.

So what have I been up to; well lets see.

Tuesday evenings’ have been taken up with body pump; which I’m still very much enjoying 🙂

Wednesday evenings’ with the Lent discussion except Wednesday 13th as I went to see a short play at Shellingford church called “The Good News” – which was a play on the Easter story with a modern take on it and from a slightly different angle on it. It was done in the form of a TV news story. So we had our discussion group on Thursday.

Mothering Sunday weekend I went to see my best mate Ellie. Ellie, Me and Jo all went out bowling, we had a great time – even with my very random bowling, in the first game I did well with 86 then in the 2nd game I seem to have gutter ball after gutter ball scored only 31. After bowling Ellie and I went out to the Baker’s Arms for a few drinks and eventually got to bed about 1am.
I went back home on Sunday just in time to have a quick coffee and biscuits at another friends house – thought I’d better go down as I had missed the entire Mother Day church service – before heading out again to the Horse and Harrow in West Hagbourne for a mother’s day lunch with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, his parents, his brother and wife and kids, and one of his grans, so in total there was about 12 of us. After lunch with watched the England vs Italy rugby match.

I helped out at Messy church last Friday which was fun – my mum and I were doing Edible Easter Gardens! 🙂 which went down well. We then have a short 20 minute service before sitting down for dinner – which was roast lamb, potato, gravy, peas and for pudding apple crumble and a selection of cakes.

Last weekend I went to a Ceilidh, as one of my parents dance friends was having her birthday. That was a lot of fun I lost count how many dances I did, eventually got home just gone midnight.

Thursday is week work put on a curry and drinks night at the social club for all the guys that are leaving the company – I had a nice veggie curry with rice, naan bread and garlic bread. There were quite a few people there so made for some nice company – even if I did spend most my time reading my book 🙂

Tonight I’m going out for dinner with a couple of friends at College Farm in Watchfield.

Next weekend I’m going to London to celebrate my cousins’ birthday.

I suppose I’d better mention my first race of the season is 6-7th April at Pembrey.

I haven’t really got out on my bike this month due to it snowing most of the time it seems, but have kept myself busy with exercising on my rowing machine.

Can’t think of anything else at the moment.

Enjoy Easter!

Take Care & God Bless 🙂


Update on Things

Hi guys

A few things have happened over the last couple of months, nothing particularly exciting mind you, but not totally boring either.

The week before Christmas I went to a couple of social functions;
On the 18th December – after doing body pump – I went to see Belshazzers Feast at the Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall in Uffington, they are well worth going to see, very funny banter inbetween songs :).
A few days later I went to the New Theatre in Oxford with the local youth club to see Starlight Express 🙂 I didn’t know what the story was about before going, or what to expect, but I thought it was pretty cool and is very worth going to see.

The Sunday before Christmas was the village carol service, which as always is well attended and has very community feel to it.

Christmas itself was a quiet one for me, just chilling out and not having to worry about anything really. New Year was kinda the same, though I did come down with a bad cold which lasted about 2 1/2 weeks or so.

I’ve done a lot of tidying up of the house – there is still lots to do before I’m happy with how things are, but trying to get my parents to do their bit is a struggle :/

I went for a short cycle ride at the beginning of January – only 7.5-8 miles – first time of the year and first time in 2 months. The weather hasn’t been kind for most part so far – with wind, rain, snow –  so haven’t ventured out since, but have been going to body pump and having a go on my rowing machine.

Last weekend I went to the Bike Show at the Excel Centre in London with my best mate; it was pretty cool; and I brought myself a couple of jerseys too 🙂

Yesterday I got the writing part done on my angel tattoo; it’s now complete and is looking good 🙂 Now on to thinking of some other design ideas.

My race car is coming along nicely for the new season; it’s now a little black number, still a MG ZR but with an 1800 engine 🙂 I just hope I can race it and have some fabulous results.

On to some not so good news, I’m in a difficult period at work at the moment, with redundancies coming, so have been trying to see what else is around, but hoping that I’m not going to be one of the ones leaving 😦

Well I think that’s all the news for the time being folks. I know I say this a lot but I will try and write more often, when things happen, or are coming up.

So for now Take Care & God Bless


Back Home

Hi guys

WOW! what an experience 😀 Where do I begin.

On Friday evening I got to my sisters, we had dinner, Amber then drew designs on the strappy tops that Ellie and myself wore on Sunday, then we sat down to watch a film – the film was 9.

I left my sisters house early Saturday (everywhere was eerily quiet at that time in the morning), I got into London just before 8am, got on the underground to St Pancras – OMG so many people, I didn’t really know where I was suppose to go, but looked around a bit and decided to stand in a queue which seemed like where I needed to be. Going through the scanner I beeped, so had to be patted down – it was only my car keys in my jeans pocket, so there was no problem and I went on my way, had my passport checked, then got onto the Eurostar – I could then relax.
I arrived in Paris midday Saturday, I took a taxis to the Eiffel Tower, but along the way the taxis I was in got stopped by the police – no problem just a random check. Got to the Eiffel Tower where I met up with Ellie (@elzrocks).

We went to our hotel to drop off our stuff, then we went searching for the TeamSky Fanzone in the Frog XVI pub, we got quite lost, but with some help from some friends and a taxis driver we got there – it was just off the Arc de Triomphe.

On Sunday Ellie and me got up early to get down to the Champs-Elysees, where the TeamSky fanzone was.

It was quiet early on – and chilly, but the atmosphere started to buzz with excitement and it grew as the day went on.
The amount of Brits there was crazy, there were other nationalities around dotted inbetween – we met some great people as well. The weather was beautiful, blue sky (with not a cloud in the sky), lots of sunshine and eventually became quite hot. We watched the maintance crew set up the barriers – for which the cyclists where to go round; and also watched the little Skoda drive up the ramp to the platform – as a sponsor thing. Then around 3:30pm the caravan came around  (it’s a parade for all the different sponsors to show off themselves before the cyclists start their 8 laps round the Champs-Elysees).
We were given some temp tattoos – mine are still hanging on, though the #allezcav one is starting to look a little tatty now.

We tried quite a few Mexican Waves – some more successful than others. When the riders finally came round the crowd just erupted with chants, songs, and other random noises 🙂 and continued lap after lap. On the last lap the crowd became relatively quiet as we all tried to work out what was going on and who was winning – finally the wait was over and Cav crossed the finish line first, the crowd went wild with joy.

Then the teams one-by-one came up to have their photos taken with the Arc de Triomphe behind them, the crowd cheered for pretty much every team, but Team Sky got the biggest cheer of all, some of the riders came up and signed stuff for us – including Cav, Sagan and Wiggins (though Wiggo didn’t sign anything he just high-fived various people).

I think this was when I lost my sunglasses, as after we had departed I found that they weren’t on my cap anymore, we went back to the place we were, but no they were definately gone. We went passed a souvenir shop or two and I brought myself a new pair; I also picked up a couple of little souvenirs for my parents and Amber and Rob. After that we had something to eat at a pizza place, then went back to the hotel. It was such a tiring day but well worth it – amazing :).

We came back on Monday, and not only did we manage to get an earlier departure time, we also came across the Spanish Cycle Team Car, we had our photo taken with them (thank you to the Saxo Bank Tinkoff Bank guy for taking the photo).

I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who were there for making it such a great day; and especially to David Dunphy for organising the Team Sky fanzone party things, Tim Baines for helping out with directions to the Frog XVI on Saturday and Ellie for just being the bestest mate ever 😀

I went back to work on Tuesday, still way to tired I think, and if that wasn’t enough I also went to body pump – after I had picked up my car from Amber and Robs.

I think I’m just starting to wake up a bit, but the hot sticky weather we are having at the moment is taking its toll me thinks.

Right I’m off to bed now; got the doctors tomorrow before going to work 😦

Take Care & God Bless


Feeling Happy :)

Hi Guys

Well where shall I start?

My skin infection seems to of improved a lot, and the skin problem on my face has almost gone – I think I have to thank my best mate for introducing me to Sudocrem, that stuff has worked amazingly well on my face, thank you Ellie 🙂

I feel so much better now and I’m starting to feel more confident in doing things again. I even feel better after doing my exercises too, I did some interval training on my rowing machine on Saturday, I did a 9 mile cycle ride on Monday, which felt great, and today I’ve been to body pump, so far my body is feeling fine at the moment, no aches and pains from my antics 🙂

On the racing front I’ve entered the August race meeting on the 4th-5th at Pembrey, I may do some testing inbetween now and then, but we’ll see what happens.

I’m (hopefully if I can get things sorted) going to France on 21st-22nd July to meet up with my mate and her friend in Paris – for the final leg of the TdF 🙂

In October I’m going to see Les Miserable in London for my sister’s birthday treat, I’ve been wanting to see it for some time now, can’t wait to go.

At present things are looking good for me, so I’m really happy 😀

Take Care, God Bless and Smile


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