Where has March gone. It’s gone by so fast, I must of forgotten to do something.

So what have I been up to; well lets see.

Tuesday evenings’ have been taken up with body pump; which I’m still very much enjoying 🙂

Wednesday evenings’ with the Lent discussion except Wednesday 13th as I went to see a short play at Shellingford church called “The Good News” – which was a play on the Easter story with a modern take on it and from a slightly different angle on it. It was done in the form of a TV news story. So we had our discussion group on Thursday.

Mothering Sunday weekend I went to see my best mate Ellie. Ellie, Me and Jo all went out bowling, we had a great time – even with my very random bowling, in the first game I did well with 86 then in the 2nd game I seem to have gutter ball after gutter ball scored only 31. After bowling Ellie and I went out to the Baker’s Arms for a few drinks and eventually got to bed about 1am.
I went back home on Sunday just in time to have a quick coffee and biscuits at another friends house – thought I’d better go down as I had missed the entire Mother Day church service – before heading out again to the Horse and Harrow in West Hagbourne for a mother’s day lunch with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, his parents, his brother and wife and kids, and one of his grans, so in total there was about 12 of us. After lunch with watched the England vs Italy rugby match.

I helped out at Messy church last Friday which was fun – my mum and I were doing Edible Easter Gardens! 🙂 which went down well. We then have a short 20 minute service before sitting down for dinner – which was roast lamb, potato, gravy, peas and for pudding apple crumble and a selection of cakes.

Last weekend I went to a Ceilidh, as one of my parents dance friends was having her birthday. That was a lot of fun I lost count how many dances I did, eventually got home just gone midnight.

Thursday is week work put on a curry and drinks night at the social club for all the guys that are leaving the company – I had a nice veggie curry with rice, naan bread and garlic bread. There were quite a few people there so made for some nice company – even if I did spend most my time reading my book 🙂

Tonight I’m going out for dinner with a couple of friends at College Farm in Watchfield.

Next weekend I’m going to London to celebrate my cousins’ birthday.

I suppose I’d better mention my first race of the season is 6-7th April at Pembrey.

I haven’t really got out on my bike this month due to it snowing most of the time it seems, but have kept myself busy with exercising on my rowing machine.

Can’t think of anything else at the moment.

Enjoy Easter!

Take Care & God Bless 🙂