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Season Finale

Hi Guys

Well my race season has now finished. Not that I had much of a race season, with only doing two race meetings, and not bearing the best of results either. The first meeting of the year resulting in a banged up car in qualifying, then racing in a under powered car for the remainder of the meeting. Now the season finale, and going up in smoke!

Race report from Pembrey.
The first time back in the car in a competitive manner, I was a little tentative as the track was on the damp side (with added diesel/oil from the trucks running before us). The car felt good, though I was still having problems in revving more than 6000rpm, with it just reaching those revs then stopping any kind of acceleration. Qualified 18th with a time of 1:26.264.

Race 1:
Well this is when it all started to go wrong. Track was dry, weather was good (blue sky with a few clouds and sunshine), started the race well, got a good start and was feeling like I was going to have a good battle with the others. After about 3 laps my cars’ engine started to sound rough, it was starting a ‘growl’ (and not in a good way) at the 6000rpm point and it got steady worst as the growling was spreading down through the revs. The engine finally let go after 10 laps in a cloud of smoke, so had to pull off and stop as far off the track as possible. So a DNF in the first race of the day and again with a broken little car :(. On the up side (not much of one, but still a positive) I did manage to do a personal best lap time of 1:19.786 (just imagine what time it could of been without the engine problem). To be quite fair the whole day would of been better without the engine woes.

Race 2:
Didn’t happen for me, I was about halfway back home when the last race was taking place.

I did hear that my old little blue & white MG that was racing at the weekend, didn’t fair very well in the second race 😦 it ended up having a head-on collision – driver ok, but with a few bruises. Glad to hear he was ok though 🙂

I think this year is a write off year in racing terms. Frustrating definitely, words really can’t describe my feelings for this year.

The prognosis of my little car is that it needs a engine transplant, ouch!

Roll on next year and lets hope it goes better! and if anyone wants to help me out next year with sponsorship so I can have a more successful racing year, then please get in touch. either on here or on my facebook page. I’ll be so grateful 🙂

On to some other news:
I’m not having a great year with cars, as my road car also needs an engine transplant, ouch again! 😦

I have a new tattoo on my inner right wrist. Pretty little sun and in glorious colour! 🙂
My Sun

I think that’s all for now folks

Take Care & God Bless



Hi Guys

I’ve finally managed to get out testing with my little race car! 🙂 The test was done at Llandow, which is a great little circuit for a shake down test.

The test session went well; The car handled nicely, it felt planted, stable and solid. It responded well to steering, braking and quick changes of direction. The only issue we came across was a fuel pick-up problem; we don’t carry much fuel in the tank – about 1/4 full  – due to weight, but if the fuel level went to low and with sloshing around in the big tank, the pick-up couldn’t always suck up the fuel especially when going round quick right handers.

Other than that the only things that need looked at are the battery – it’s old and pretty much came to the end of its life; and the sensor for the V-Tec. Hopefully these will be sorted out for race day.

The weather was good too, blue skies, bright sunshine, dry, though a little chilly.

Overall a good day testing. Bring on the race meeting! Which will be next weekend at Pembrey.

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