Hi Guys

I got to the track at 7:15am after leaving home at 4:30am and it was still dark! It did brighten up though thankfully.
Pembrey - 15 Oct 2017
(Sorry about the quality, I took the picture from inside the car with the window up).

The weather, though grey and cloudy, was dry all day . I was happy with that, as it meant I could focus on driving in consistent weather/track conditions.

We had four sessions instead of our usual three sessions, which was interesting and it also meant less waiting around in-between sessions as well .

Practice – Lap Time: 1:26.340
As we don’t usually have a practice session, it was nice to get some extra track time.
The car felt good, plenty of grip, handled well round the corners and powered out of them nicely too.
Though the last couple of laps I started to get fuel surge, not great, as we put in the same amount of fuel in as we usually do but ended up with less in the tank after the session then we usually do for a session of the same length. There was a bit of a worry that I wasn’t going to have enough fuel for qualifying and the two races.

Qualifying – Position: 31st of 32; Lap Time: 1:27.382
The session went well, and I seemed to still have good pace in the car. Though somehow I went a second slower 🤔.
Sorted out the fuel issue, but gained a brake issue by overheating them on the last few laps of the session .
It was fingers crossed that I could get it all sorted out for the two races.

Race 1 – Position: 31st; Best Lap Time: 1:18.538
I had a reasonable start, managed to get passed a couple of cars off the line and got stuck in going round the hairpin, which resulted in damaging my left wing mirror, from contact, but with no lasting damage thankfully.
The car was handling well, no fuel surge and no brake fade, yay .
Had a little rub from one of the leaders as they were coming through to lap me, but again no actual damage – I now have white paint on the left side and red paint on the right side of my black car.
Massively surprised  but happy with knocking 9 seconds off my qualifying time  not sure where I managed to find that lap time, but it certainly surprised a lot of other people as well.

RACE 9 – LAP ANALYSIS (our first Race)
P31   53 Verity BANKS
1 –   1:45.281      26.743  14:05:31.715       50.99
2 –   1:28.013        9.475  14:06:59.728       60.99
3 –   1:18.538                  14:08:18.266 (1)  68.35
4 –   1:35.777      17.239  14:09:54.043       56.05
5 –   1:19.779        1.241  14:11:13.822 (2)  67.29
6 –   1:38.105      19.567  14:12:51.927       54.72
7 –   1:34.097      15.559  14:14:26.024       57.05
8 –   1:21.843        3.305  14:15:47.867 (3)  65.59
9 –   1:32.699      14.161  14:17:20.567       57.91
10 – 1:22.264        3.726  14:18:42.831       65.26
DIFF = Difference To Personal Best Lap
This is taken from http://www.tsl-timing.com/event/174121 (Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship PDF) where you can find all the results from weekend.

Race 2 – Position: 30th; Best Lap Time: 1:24.304
I had a brilliant start, passed multiple cars, got round the hairpin with no contact this time.
Had a great little battle with Alan Smith for much of the race, hard but clean racing.
Unfortunately the red flag came out for the car of Martin Davies after he crashed heavily into the barriers at Honda Curve – one of the fastest corners on the track!
Thankfully he got out his car by himself, but had been taken to hospital for a check up. I have heard that Martin is back home now . Hoping he is ok and hasn’t sustained any serious lasting effects. Wishing him a speedy recovery .

Overall for me, I had quite an enjoyable day, with setting some of my fastest lap times around the track and having some little battles . It has definitely the most fun I’ve had for a while behind the wheel of a race car.

I’m now looking at what I want to do for next year. I have a few options, though it will depend on finances as to which is most viable.

Take Care and God Bless