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New Year Time

Hi Guys

HAPPY 2015!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, I know I’m a little late in saying this, but hey, I’ve done it now!

I had a relatively quiet and relaxed holiday period. I’m now back at work and feel I haven’t even been away – not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

Well I’m getting back into my exercise routine again, body pump on Tuesday and TKD on Wednesday 🙂 Body pump went well yesterday and I feel not too bad after a 2 week break, I’m hoping I feel ok after my first TKD session of the year tonight.
I’m also looking into doing some different types of exercise, which will hopefully look into more core muscle strength, which will also be fun to do, I’ve thought of pole exercise and using a exercise ball and pull up bar. Any ideas and help in the matter will be very appreciated.

The Uffington Players will be putting on a Pantomime in February. I’ll keep you posted on when and everything that you’ll need to know when I know more 🙂

Can’t think of anything else at the moment.

So I’ll sign off now
Take Care and God Bless


Energetic/Social Weekend…


The panto went very well, the audiences for each of the nights were great 🙂

On Friday I said I was going to a contra dance;  I found out what it was – it’s an american version of the British/English barn dance. I had a fab time, even with so much spinning around to make you dizzy 🙂 I did 6 dances in total, they were quite energetic, so by the end of the evening I was quite tired.

I somehow caused quite a muscle strain in my right calf muscle – it still ached this morning, but has since stopped! but I suppose I haven’t helped myself by being energetic over the weekend as well, I did a stint on my rowing machine on Saturday, then a hour cycle ride on Sunday. I also did my body pump on Tuesday. I still don’t know why I put myself through so much abuse, but it somehow feels great to exercise.

Tonight I’m going to a discussion group, talking about Lent – it’s similar to the one I did just before Christmas – so hopefully it will be as sightful.

This Friday I’m going to Messy Church – which is a afternoon/early evening thing for the whole family, doing arts, crafts, cooking, singing, then having a social dinner there afterwards. 🙂

Think that’s it for now.

Take Care, God Bless 🙂


A Different View…


Just a quick post.

Next week I’m going to France (again) but this time for work purposes. I was offered a chance to go to one of the Crown Packagaing factories for a few days, to see what goes on and experience a different side to things. It should interesting in some ways but I’m sure there will be times when I’m going to be pretty bored.

With going to France next week I’ll be missing my body pump session on Tuesday 😦 – I’m just going to have to work a bit harder when I can fit in some exercise to make up for it.

On Thursday the Uffington Youth Club started up again after the summer holidays – it was our 1st birthday (of the new reformed youth club) 🙂 so that was kinda cool.

That’s it for now

Take Care & God Bless


Feeling Happy :)

Hi Guys

Well where shall I start?

My skin infection seems to of improved a lot, and the skin problem on my face has almost gone – I think I have to thank my best mate for introducing me to Sudocrem, that stuff has worked amazingly well on my face, thank you Ellie 🙂

I feel so much better now and I’m starting to feel more confident in doing things again. I even feel better after doing my exercises too, I did some interval training on my rowing machine on Saturday, I did a 9 mile cycle ride on Monday, which felt great, and today I’ve been to body pump, so far my body is feeling fine at the moment, no aches and pains from my antics 🙂

On the racing front I’ve entered the August race meeting on the 4th-5th at Pembrey, I may do some testing inbetween now and then, but we’ll see what happens.

I’m (hopefully if I can get things sorted) going to France on 21st-22nd July to meet up with my mate and her friend in Paris – for the final leg of the TdF 🙂

In October I’m going to see Les Miserable in London for my sister’s birthday treat, I’ve been wanting to see it for some time now, can’t wait to go.

At present things are looking good for me, so I’m really happy 😀

Take Care, God Bless and Smile


Hi guys

Well my day on  the simulator was great fun and more importantly (I feel) really useful; I learnt a lot from the experience, now to see if I can keep the information lodged in my head for my next race (June 4 at Castle Combe). Started out with Matt (Driver Coach) assessing my actual driving standard – which he seemed to be very happy with – then on to how to improve on my braking. The cars I got to “drive” were a F3 car and GP2 car (to assess if I could drive or not) then on to a Renault Clio – which was the closest thing to my MG ZR, being front wheel drive – (to deal with my braking). The tracks I “ran on” were Silverstone National and Castle Combe (which Matt said was one of the most difficult circuits to master in general). I then got the chance to have a go in a F1 car round Castle Combe for the last few minutes – that was amazing fun, and I did pretty well at keeping it in control whilst going at a reasonabe pace 🙂

Other “news” I went and did body combat  this evening – I didn’t do any exercise last week due to recovering (getting my legs back to normal) from doing my 20 mile walk. I feel better now and feel I can continue on with my varied fitness rountine – the weather is really helping 🙂 with warm sunshine and blue skies – yay summer has arrived (well at least for this week, and hopefully for a few more)

Think that’s it for the time being 🙂

Take Care


Racing – May 7th

Hi ya guys

Monday’s racing at Castle Combe was of mixed weather and feelings. Qualifying was wet, the spray made it hard to see, and I was sliding around too much for my liking; Race 1 was also wet, I had to start from pit-lane due to my car not wanting to start up due a to low battery (I was so annoyed), but got going and managed to knock off 2 seconds off my qualifying time – when almost everyone else seemingly went 2-4 seconds slower, and that was with a continuous line of oil/diesel round the track, you could see it clear as day, made the track very slippery; Race 2 was DRY (yay) I had an amazing start (you could say that I was a bit of a pocket rocket off the line) and I gained a couple of places, then got slightly hindered going into the 1st corner, so lost some places, from then on I don’t know what happened as I couldn’t keep up the the rest of the field, I didn’t seem to have a lack of power or anything :s I know I have a problem with Camp corner (last corner before start/finish straight), it is so my nemesis grr I must get it sorted!

Today I went to do my aerobics, but it didn’t happen as a teacher/instructor didn’t turn up, so I went to the gym studio for about 20-25 minutes, before going to body combat – which is a lot of fun 🙂 I had to do something, otherwise I would of felt bad and lazy.

Tomorrow it’s back to work, then on to my safeguard training course, which should be interesting.

I’d better go to bed now as I’m now very tired from all my physical workout over the last couple of days.

Take Care & God Bless


Odd ramblings

Hi there,

Just a short post today; not alot has happened really, certainly not been cycling for a while due to the horrid weather, we’ve been having lately, but I’ve been on my rowing machine, a couple of times and I’ll be going to my aerobics tomorrow so I’m not being a total slouch 🙂 lol

Spent my weekend watching the BTCC at a very wet Thruxton, some very good driving standards and very few accidents in such conditions – so thumbs up to all the guys and gals racing at the weekend. I just hope that I don’t have to have such conditions to race in on May 7th at Castle Combe, it’d be nice to see some of you guys there and have a chat :), if not the race meeting will be shown on MotorsTV – though I think it may be shown at a later date, but have a look see anyways just in case.

I’ve got bored and painted my finger nails green & white for this week, I know I’m slightly odd, but hey it’s good to let go sometimes, and be colourful 🙂

Life at work is good, getting my head round things now I’ve sorted out what I’m doing and having my way. I suppose the approaching race meeting and having my tattoo done soon is having an affect 🙂 🙂 smiley. I’m definately going to try and have a more positive outlook, as it does seem to make me feel better, and more relaxed.

Suppose I’d better sign off and get some sleep now.

Take Care, Smile & God Bless


Testing :)

Hi there

Wednesday was a pretty boring day as not alot happened so no post.

Today I’ve got a date for testing my MG, it’s next Friday at Llandow, Woo can’t wait to get back behind the wheel, it brightens my day when I know I’m going to the track wether it be for testing or racing 🙂

The weather was so undecided today, as it didn’t know if it wanted to cry or not, I decided that I wouldn’t risk going for a cycle ride after work, instead I decided to go on my rower just for a change.

Happy days, oh well life goes on.

Peace, God Bless 🙂


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