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Hi Guys

Well I made it out again for my second race meeting of the year – fourth round for the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car championship.20190812_114042

This time I was out at Silverstone on the International circuit – which has changed since I last raced on it. We were in the garages, which made a nice change, though trying to get the cars in and out made it interesting.

The weather was dry with sunshine and cloud, the wind was on the strong side and quite chilly at times.
Qualifying: Position: 23rd; Lap Time: 1:40:27
With this being my first time on the new configuration of the International circuit, I wasn’t expecting quick laps times, but I was thinking I was going to be a bit closer to my competitors.
The car was handling well and I was starting to get use to the track layout and build up speed when in the last couple of laps my car decided to cough and splutter, reducing my straight line speed.
We thought maybe it was due to lack of fuel, as I haven’t really raced my Ford Focus until now, we didn’t know how much fuel it was likely to use and on such a big circuit.
We fill up and waited for Race 1.

Race 1: Position: 19th; Best Lap Time: 1:38:38
The start was a bit of a mess with us strung out instead of closely packed for a rolling start. Hey ho.
I was getting the hang of the track a bit better and the car was cornering well, but it just didn’t want to accelerate coming out the corners or down the straights, it was worst than in qualifying 😒, and started earlier on in the session, so it wasn’t a fuel issue after all.
I continued on and managed to finished in survival mode.
After the race Tony (my mechanic) had a look at the plugs and connections and found the solenoid valve for the can was stuck and wasn’t moving as it should be.
That was all cleaned up and moving and he also changed the coil pack.
Fingers crossed that was going to solve the problem and again waited for our next race to come round.

Race 2: Position: 18th; Best Lap Time: 1:40:33
The rain started as we were in the assembly area, not heavy, but got slightly heavier as the race went on. Oh what fun, being someone who doesn’t really like racing in the wet I wasn’t relishing the race, but my car actually handled pretty well in the wet.
My start wasn’t the greatest – wrong gear for accelerating quickly 🙈, even with that blunder I still had quite a good battle with Roger for a few laps… then low and behold the ‘Bucking Bronco’ was back 🙄, no acceleration again!
Again I battled on and managed to finished in survival mode rather than racing.

I came 3rd in class for both races and got a trophy for each 🏆🏆 (though one got broken before the trophy ceremony unfortunately, but I will be given a replacement), so a positive end to a hard day’s racing.20190811_175346

Only a month before the next race meeting, which will be at Mallory Park, so fingers crossed the issue can be sorted out in time.

Take Care and God Bless

Testing at Llandow

Hi Guys

Today I did 4-5 short sessions.
Not as smooth as last time out, the car decided to run lean and the top end revs were lumpy. We tried a few small tweeks which could be done at the track, unfortunately it didn’t cure the problem.

The handling was still good though, so there was a positive, even if a small one.

Fingers crossed we can get it fixed for Silverstone on the 11th August 🤞

Take Care

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