Hi guys

As you may know (well I have mention it a few times), I’m on a very tight budget for my racing, and I’m struggling to stay competitive with my fellow competitors in the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship. This is a great championship and great guys to race with, I just wish I could be more involved in the racing with them 🙂

I’m asking if anyone (individuals/groups/companies) would like to help me with any financial support for my racing. At present I’m trying to raise funds to upgrade my engine. Any amount from anyone/everyone would be very much appreciated to be able to reach my target of £3500-£4000.

I’ve had two donations so far, which is great and I’m really thankful for the support already shown.

In supporting me, you will have your (individual/group/company) name on the car with a big thank you. If I can manage to get extra passes I will, and will give anyone who helps (and who can make the trip to Pembrey) a pass.

You would be making one girl very happy, and I’m trying very hard to stay positive, especially after a rough couple of years. I’m very sorry to anyone who I may have hurt in that time, due to my frustration and anxiety issues. I’ve got help, and really trying to get myself pumped up again and fight for my passion which is racing.

So PLEASE, if you can help or know of anyone who would like to help me, then don’t hesitate to get in contact either on here or my Facebook page.

Next race is Aug 15/16 at Pembrey.

Take Care and God Bless