Hi There

Well last week I went on my first proper holiday in about 7 years! I went to Guernsey on my own. I was hoping for a really fun and interesting time and possibly meeting up with people and making some friends during my stay – well everyone who had been to Guernsey before had said it was a great place, easy to walk around the whole island and good for meeting new friends. All I can say is don’t go on your own as it can become quite lonely, and it isn’t easy to walk the whole of the island – my legs hurt after a few days, and it got to the point I could barely walk without being in pain, or sit for long periods without cramping up. There were some good points and some disappointing points (not saying bad) during my little ‘adventure’. The weather was pretty much like it was on mainland UK.
Good points: food was good; nice scenery; the museums were good and quite informative about life in Guernsey
Disappointing points: some of the ancient sites were very badly looked after, or there wasn’t really any information about the sites when I was there looking at them. I’m classifying my down moments as disappointing not bad due to the fact that in the guide to things to see in Guernsey didn’t live up to what was actually at the sites of interest;

I saw a fair bit, but I still didn’t see much of the island even so. I went to the German Occupation Museum; the Little Chapel; the German Military Underground Hospital; the Folk & Costume Museum; the Candie Gardens; Saumarez Park; Petit Bot Bay; most of the north part – Fort Pembroke, Fort le Marchant (which is also the rifle range), Fort Doyle, La Varde (Passage Grave; one of the slightly not well looked after areas), the Millenium Stone, Les Fouaillages (one of the overgrown not looked after areas), La Platte Mare Cist (another not well looked after areas), Le Dehus (Passage Tomb); Castle Cornet; Clarence Battery; Icart Point; the Cliff Top Shop; I did try to look at the Moulin Huet Pottery, but it was closed; coastal walks. I also went over to Herm quite a pleasant little island definately somewhere where you can just lose yourself, not worry about anything and relax.

It was an experience, and I’m glad I did it, on the basis it proved I can, and if I did it again I will have a better understanding on how to do things. As a friend of mine said “you can have an opinion on something unless you have gone out there and done it” it’s pretty much true for everything in life, to live and experience things you have to go out there and explore.

I’m back at work again and I’m still trying to get my head rounds things, and trying to be less tired. I think the emotions of what I went through (I know it sounds like a went through hell, I didn’t but it was still a challenge at times), and having to be responible for looking after the house now my parents have gone on their holiday (which isn’t a problem in itself, just that I’ve not had to cope with being away myself first, then returning to a pretty much empty house afterwards), and also not having a car as mine needs a new engine, so having to drive my mum’s, which is weird.

I did my body pump session yesterday, after missing last week I was a little worried about how my body would react to it again, but I haven’t felt any ill effects from it, which is good 🙂

I know I haven’t really gone into much detail about my holiday, but I have to say after a while I just kinda went into automatic pilot mode, so didn’t really take in much as I probably should of, I suppose it was my way of coping with the loneiness.

In other news; I should be out testing my race car in the next few weeks, I’ll keep you posted on that.

I think that’s it for now. (Don’t think I hating on Guernsey I’m not, just if I did it again I would go with others).

Take Care, God Bless & Explore 🙂