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Hi Guys

After having a great test session a couple of weeks ago at Llandow, I was feeling very positive for racing on Easter Sunday at Pembrey.

Having got up at 3:30am to travel to Pembrey. I got to the circuit just after 7am ready for signing on and scrutineering, the sun was shining ☀️ and the skies were blue, the car was ready, the other competitors were calmly getting ready. All was going well and the feeling of quiet confidence was good 😊 waiting for the start of qualifying at 9am.

Then came qualifying; as we were the first lot to go out on track on Sunday, the track was still a little on the cool side, so grip levels were a little less than prefect, I got 2 “flying” laps in and as the grip levels were improving…

… the engine let go!

And an early shower for me 😔.
I lost piston 3 and it dumped all the oil out the exhaust pipe causing a big smoke screen and a big flamethrower out the back! 🔥😲
I parked up off the race track and smoke engulfed the cockpit very quickly, so I put the handbrake on – for some reason, unbuckled, turned the ignition off and got out the car, leaving the door open to let the smoke out. I then walked away took my helmet and gloves off and waited for the rescue team to arrive. I then got towed back to the paddock and two of the scrutineers had a look at my car.
Well gutted 😔, but if I’m going to do something I might as well do it in spectacular style 😎 I don’t do things by half.
Got a pretty rear bumper from the flames though 😅😉
Not the start of the season I wanted, obviously, hopefully we can get it fixed it time for the next race meeting in May – though it will depend on availability and cost of parts, but if not, the next race meeting in June. I really want to race at Silverstone and Mallory again, fingers crossed my car is playing ball by those race meetings.

Remaining Race Dates for the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship:
May 12th – Pembrey
June 9th – Pembrey
August 11th – Silverstone International
September 14th – Mallory Park
October 6th – Pembrey

Roll on some good positive vibes.

Take Care & God Bless


Testing – 8 April 2019

Hi Guys

After almost a year of not driving/racing my Ford Focus, I went out testing today at Llandow . The weather was chilly and overcast, though it started off dry it did start to drizzle in my last outing before lunch.
Testing went well, felt great to be back behind the wheel of my race car.
The car handled fine and was running smoothly throughout the rev range, always important, especially coming out of the tight corners.
Have managed to get the seat into a more comfortable driving position, get in! no more neck ache.

Feeling positive for the first race meeting of the season at Pembrey on April 21st.

I will post about the race meeting when it happens.

In Other News:
I went to see Nightwish in December, they were epic, even with their new lead singer Floor Jansen. The balls of fire gave off so much heat, I could feel it from quite away from the stage! 🔥
It was so good I was lulled into going to sleep part way through or it could just be my age 😅

I’ve been for a couple of runs and bike rides, when the weather has been nice.

I did the sound for the Panto – Goldilocks and the Three Bears; it had a circus theme to it. It went really well, even though I had a lot of music and sound to play throughout the whole thing.

I supported my sister in her 5 mile run around Blenheim Palace – completing the OX5 run in 55 minutes, beating her previous time by 6 minutes. So proud of her 😎 💪
20190324_114058We will both be doing the 10k Inflatable Obstacle Run at Bicester in September.

I’ve also been doing a lot of baking.

Battenberg Cake; Chocolate, Honey & Banana Muffins; Banana & Raisin Tea Loaf; Oaty Banana Muffins with Nutella; Mocha Swirl Blondies; Ginger & Dark Chocolate Cookies; Banana, Chocolate & Coconut Loaf.

I’m also still doing my regular fitness classes as well.

That’s all for now. Roll on some warmer weather and a good year of racing.

Take Care and God Bless

WSSCC Awards Evening – 17/11/18

Hi Guys

On Saturday I went to the Cardiff Copthorne Hotel for the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship Awards Evening.


Before heading out

It was a lovely evening and very relaxed – more so then last year, as I was more aware of what the evening was going to be like, so my anxiety levels were lower.
I was sitting on the same table as the Luffarelli family – who were the kind people to allow me to race their Peugeot 106 in the last three race meetings this year.
The food was really good too .

This year I finished third in my class overall, even though I only did half the year – what could of been if I had managed to do the whole year. I’m starting to run out of space to put all my trophies – though I’m not complaining, as I still want to do well and continue to build on my improved performance.

That’s it for now. Hoping my Ford Focus is going to be ready for some test sessions during the winter, so I can start the 2019 season in April.

Take Care & Blessed Be


Season Finale – Pembrey 14-10-18

20181015_144332Hi Guys

The weather played a big part this weekend for the Pembrey Autumn Truckfest Race Meeting, as on Saturday, Storm Callum made quite an entrance and flooded out the circuit, but after a lot of hard work, they did manage to get some racing in though, after the lunch break. With the weather forecast looking better for Sunday the meeting was still going to go ahead.

I got to the track just before 8am, it was still raining, but not heavy. I got signed on and scrutineered, and then waited for qualifying to start.
Before Qualifying
Qualifying: Position: 17th of 18; Best Lap Time: 1:28.489
It was overcast, but it had stopped raining by the time we got to qualifying. The track was a little damp, but I had a fair amount of grip in the Peugeot 106.
We were on the new configuration (Clubmans). The tight left/right is quite tricky to negotiate and it isn’t the widest part of track.
I started off cautiously, which is normal, as the track conditions are different each time we go out, but I got quicker as the session went on.
The performance in qualifying gave me confidence for the two races.
Track Layout
I think I started a new trend  well I certainly got a fair bit of attention for wearing these beauties (I didn’t race in them though 😉).
Race 1: Position: 13th, 3rd in Class; Best Lap Time: 1:22.161
The sun came out  and blue skies.
I got a good start, overtook Alan at Hatchets, then had a fun hard battle with Blake until I got brake fade and overheated wet tires about 3 laps from the end . Though it was good to know the Peugeot had the legs to fight, so that was a positive 😎.

It got pretty warm inside the car in the race 🌡

I had new brakes fitted and the dry tires put on ready for Race 2.

Race 2: Position: 13th, 2nd in Class; Best Lap Time: 1:24.160
The sun was starting to set and it was becoming a little on the chilly side by the time we started our final race.
With having new brakes and the dry tires fitted, I had to do a little bit of bedding in, so that made an interesting race.
I got another good start. This time I had a hard, race long battle with Alan, with a few squirrelly moments, due to the cooler temperatures, thrown in. The setting sun made it a bit difficult to see at times, but everyone was in the same boat.

Overall a positive day with some hard – no contact – racing in both races, two trophies  and the car still in one piece .

I want to say a massive thank you to Tyrone and his family for allowing me to race their Peugeot 106 in the last three rounds of this year. You guys have been amazing  and very supportive, Thank You!

Well that’s it for racing this year. Not sure quite what is going to happen next year, but I will keep you posted. Though I will be out testing over the winter.

Take Care and God Bless

Pembrey (Round 5) 19-08-18

Hi Guys

It was a little drizzly to start with, but it did cleared up a bit, with the sun making an appearance. We were guests to the Time Attack race meeting.

Qualifying: Position: 13th of 14; Lap Time: 1:23.360; 3rd in class
The drizzle had basically stopped by the time our qualifying session started and with other sessions being out before us, the track was remarkably quite dry.
I was back in the Peugeot 106, and not having been at Pembrey for 10 months, meant I was having to get back into the flow of the track in a car I’ve not driven in around it. I started slowly to get a good feel of the track conditions and the cars handling. I got quicker and more confident as the session went on. The car was handling well, nice and stable.
I knew I could go quicker, as I had done a quicker time before, I needed to mentally get in my head the car would hold going round the second apex of the long left hand corner (Dibeni and Senna Esses), that’s my nemesis corner after I had a big crash there a few years ago.
Pembrey Track
Race 1: Position: 13th of 14; Best Lap Time: 1:19.085; 3rd in class
The track was dry and the sun came out to play as well
I got a good start, but ended up with no where to go, as I gap I was going for disappeared – I didn’t really want to hit the pit wall or the other car, it meant I had to back out and lost the place I had gained.
The car was handling well, I was getting a bit more confident going into my nemesis corner, and was able to push harder through it. It was a bit of a lonely race as I had no one to race with this time , but happy enough to know I was able to push harder, improve and come home in one piece.

Race 2: Position: 12th of 14; Best Lap Time: 1:20.115
Dry track and the sun was popping out between the clouds in the overcast sky, it also became quite hot too.
Got another good start, coming up to the hairpin I saw lots of tyre smoke and a car broadside in the middle of the track  I managed to slow down enough to not hit the car, but I got hit in the side instead, which in some way might of pushed me to the outside line and drive around the spun car. Exciting start and managed to keep 4-5 cars behind me coming out the first corner and for a lap or two. Some hard fought racing.
Again, after the excitement of the first corner and first couple of laps, I had quite a lonely race, as I had no one to race with. Someone slowed up coming out the last corner and I had take avoiding action. Didn’t quite make it back it in one piece with a big dent in the right hand side, but nothing major.
Race Two Damage
Overall not a bad day, it could have been better by being able to race in a pack and battling for position with some of the others like at Donington Park, but it was still fun to have a car which I could race hard in. I did manage to pick up two more trophies though (both 3rd in class).
Final race meeting of the year is at Pembrey in October.

Take Care and God Bless

Hi Guys

Well I finally managed to make it out on track for my first race meeting of the year , racing in the Peugeot 106 hired out from Tyrone, which I also tried out at the beginning of the month.
20180729_142508I love Donington Park, it’s a great circuit, we had lovely weather for racing, not! overcast, raining  and windy . I was dreading racing in the wet conditions, as I’m not much of a wet weather specialist, but I actually quite enjoy myself, as the Peugeot handles very well in these tricky conditions.

Qualifying – Position: 32 of 33; Lap Time: 1:58.295
It was drizzling and the track was damp. I was kind of using qualifying as a warm-up/practice session to get use to the car in the wet, so wasn’t expecting any quick times, though I wasn’t too far away from some of the others.
The car held really well in the tricky conditions, which helped give me confidence in the car. Had a little moment though coming into the chicane, by out braking myself. There were a few people spinning in front of me too.
The windscreen misted up during the session as well, which made it interesting to see. Hoping it will be sorted out for the first race, which in turn will allow me to push a bit harder.

Race 1: Position: 24 of 31 (4 DNF), 3rd in class ; Best Lap Time: 1:54.687
It was still drizzling when race 1 came around, and the track was damp and a little greasy.
Not a bad start, could of been better – though I think some of it was down to us don’t being as closely packed as we should of been for the rolling start – but I still had a good battle with three other cars throughout the whole race. I also got quicker as the race went on . Had to avoid a few spinners mind, and with one I almost came to a stop for, which ended up with me losing a place.
Car was handling well, with a fair amount of grip. My confidence was growing with each lap. No misting up! The only thing was, there was beginning to be some juddering under braking.
It felt good to be on track and actually racing side by side again, even in the wet conditions .

Race 2: Position: 23 of 28 (4 DNF), 2nd in class ; Best Lap Time: 1:40.20
It had stopped drizzling for a while, but as we were lining up on the grid it started again, though only lightly, it then stopped for most of the race, then it came back la little heavier couple laps from the end, which made it interesting. The track was pretty dry though throughout the race.
Got a better start – partly due to a better rolling start, and had a good battle with a few cars for the first part of the race, had a little lonely time for a couple of laps, then had a good close hard fought battle for the last lap or two and managed to hang on to finish in front .
Car was handling well again, with much less juddering under braking, which meant I could really push it.

I had a really enjoyable race meeting at a fun circuit, with lots of close racing, good battles and some near misses.
I came home with two trophies (3rd in class and 2nd in class)
A big thank you to Tyrone and his family for allowing me to race their Peugeot 106 and looking after the car this weekend, you are awesome .

Roll on the next race at Pembrey in August.

Take Care and God Bless

Hi Guys

I went testing again at Llandow on Thursday in my Ford Focus.

Well that was an interesting test session.
I’m getting more confident in the car now, the handling, balance and the power out of the car still is good, but my session was cut short due to the clutch/driveshaft breaking .
These things happen, and yes I know it seems to of happened a lot to me in recent times, but being on such a tight budget and prepping a new car can have an effect on what can be done at any one time and take longer to rectify problems.
I hope I can get these niggly little problems sorted out during testing, so by the time I make it to a race meeting all will be good to go.

The next time I’m out in a race car will be at Donington Park on the 29th in the Peugeot 106 that I’m hiring out from Tyrone.

In other news:
I passed my Taekwondo grading today  I’m now a red belt!  I was so nervous beforehand.
20180721_132919Though I have sustained a slight injury to one of my toes on my left foot – I bruised it during some one-step sparring. I’m just hoping it calms down enough for me to go racing next weekend.
I would also like to say well done to the others grader for passing their grades.

I think that’s it for now, and I will post again after my race meeting.

Take Care and God Bless

Test Session at Llandow

Hi Guys

I went testing at Llandow on Thursday in my Ford Focus.

The handling and balance of the car was pretty good – good hold on cornering, good power out the corners and down the straights and no heavy nose diving under braking.
Though I did end up overheating the brakes slightly and the exhaust gasket was starting to go, so had to call it a day a little sooner than hoped, but I still managed to get a good idea of the car’s potential.

Need to adjust the seat to a more comfortable driving position, bleed the brakes and replace the exhaust gasket.

I’m looking at a couple more test sessions again at Llandow in the Focus, to give me confidence in the car’s reliability, before going out racing in it, hopefully the last two Pembrey rounds, and the potential Castle Combe round.

So I’ll be racing the Peugeot, which I tried out at Donington Park at the French Car Show, at Donington Park on the 29th July.

I will post about my test sessions and race meeting when they happen.

Take Care and God Bless

French Car Show

Hi Guys

I was invited up to Donington Park yesterday to the French Car Show by Tyrone and Fabio to try out their Peugeot – which they are hiring out for racing.
As it was a track day style event there were time slots for going out. I was in the 1-3pm time slot.
Before being allowed on track I had to sign-on and have a drivers briefing.

Blue Band-Drivers Briefing; Pale Blue Band-Entry into Event; Yellow Band-Sign-on

It was a hot day ☀️ 🌡, so getting all kitted out in my race suit and helmet was a little warm. I had two outings in the Peugeot, once in the first hour and once in the second hour, though I was out only for a few laps each time, it was enough for me to get a feel for how the car handles and get accustomed to the track again, after 8 years!
Donington is a great track, as it has undulations, it flows from corner to corner nicely and a track you can really push on.
First session out, Tyrone did a couple of laps with me in the passenger seat, so I got a feel for the car and track, then I got in the driving seat, with Tyrone in the passenger seat.
I’ve been so use to power assisted steering, that it was a bit of a shock when I found the Peugeot didn’t have any, though I slowly got use it.

Letting the car (Tyrone and myself) cool down before going out again, as it was so hot out there.

Second session out, I got straight into the driving seat, with Tyrone in the passenger seat. I was getting a bit more use to the car and how it handled, so was able to push a little harder, but I still had to watch out for the other cars on track – some going slower and some going quicker.

I want to say thank you to Tyrone and Fabio for allowing me to drive the Peugeot, it was fun to get back out on track and especially on one I love.
I had an enjoyable day, even if I did get all hot and sweaty.

I will be out at Donington Park at the end of the month, for my first race meeting of the season.

In the meantime I will be having a test session in my Ford Focus at Llandow in the coming week.

Take Care and God Bless

Frustration 😠

Hi guys

Well what can I say, another failure to my car to end my chances of racing again this weekend. This time one of the brake lines split as it was being tied down on to the trailer 😡.

I’m gettin pretty pissed off about this now 😠, I’m beginning to think I’m not going to get out racing this year, and if it doesn’t improve then maybe I just need to take time out and stop racing for a bit, without having to pay for a car I’m not going to race.

Now I won’t say no if an opportunity comes up to race with someone else, who can give me the chance to race and race competitively. My problem lies in the fact I’m on such a tight budget, but I’m willing to pay just a little more if it means I get out to race.

So instead of racing this weekend I spent time with my best mate @elzrocks – even though she was going to be coming with me to the race meeting anyway, and watch me race for the first time.
We went out on the bike, not on the road bike, but on a mountain/cyclocross bike and riding around on the Ridgeway; we did some baking, tidying up and a couple of pub visits 😊.

We went to have a drink at the Fox and Hounds – our local – on the Saturday after I was told about my race car.

I had fun being on a mountain bike again 🚵‍♀️ – even with the handle bars being extra wide! plus it is a borrowed bike, so not quite the right fit for me. Learning a new skill is always fun, if a little scary at times, but I enjoyed myself, and just being out and about in the countryside with my best mate and is the best therapy one can have.

We tidied up her parents’ house and shed – from what I can tell they were quite happy with what was done. I was tidying up my parents garage, we got somewhere, not quite as far as I would of liked, but it’s a start.

We did a bit a baking, Elz and I both enjoy baking 🍌🍞🍪, though Elz doesn’t get much chance to bake herself, so baking together at mine was a lot of fun. We made a chocolate banana cake and a rocky road cookie slab. Both were very tasty 😋.


This isn’t the whole of what we made, by the time I got a chance to take a photo, we had eaten some, plus Elz had cut up some to take back to her parents.

We went to The Swan in Radcot to have dinner on the Sunday, the food was really good, and the atmosphere was chilled, relaxed and very pleasant 😊.

So not the weekend I was planning on, but I still managed to enjoy myself.

Onwards and upwards, and lets see what next month will bring in terms of racing.

Take care and God Bless

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