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WSSCC Awards Evening – 17/11/18

Hi Guys

On Saturday I went to the Cardiff Copthorne Hotel for the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship Awards Evening.


Before heading out

It was a lovely evening and very relaxed – more so then last year, as I was more aware of what the evening was going to be like, so my anxiety levels were lower.
I was sitting on the same table as the Luffarelli family – who were the kind people to allow me to race their Peugeot 106 in the last three race meetings this year.
The food was really good too .

This year I finished third in my class overall, even though I only did half the year – what could of been if I had managed to do the whole year. I’m starting to run out of space to put all my trophies – though I’m not complaining, as I still want to do well and continue to build on my improved performance.

That’s it for now. Hoping my Ford Focus is going to be ready for some test sessions during the winter, so I can start the 2019 season in April.

Take Care & Blessed Be


5k Inflatable Obstacle Run

Hi Guys

I decided to do another 5k obstacle run at Newbury on Sunday – two years after the last one I did at Oxford. This time it was an inflatable obstacle run instead of a Pretty Muddy. I can’t quite believe how it got to being that long ago since doing the Pretty Muddy!

I went with my mate Anj and her son Daniel. We were running for two charities: International Glaucoma Association and Swindon Homeless. We both have Just Giving pages for the charities we were/are supporting, so if you would like to donate to either (or both) then please do.
Though we were scheduled to go out at 9:30am (the 3rd wave); we managed to go early and start with the 9:15am lot (the 2nd wave). We did a warm-up before going out on the course.
Before the Run
The day was cold – especially when standing still, and though there was a light shower early on in our run, it didn’t last long and became quite pleasant with the sun shining.
The obstacles were relatively simple to negotiate, but still gave a little bit of a challenge – especially at the beginning when the inflatables were a little wet and slippery.
There were about 10 obstacles in total.
Action Shot

The obstacles could of been better spaced out along the route, but we still had fun doing it.

At the end I still felt like I had a fair amount of energy left, and was thinking I could of done the 10k route (which I believe was just doing the same course twice) maybe next time.

I would like to thank Duncan (Anj’s other half) for driving us to and from the event and for taking some of the photos of us.

I don’t know what my next little sporting event will be, but I will definitely do something.

After doing the 5k and having a shower, I finally got round to baking the chocolate banana cake I was planning on making on Friday evening. It was very tasty.
That’s all for now.
Take Care and God Bless

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