Hi there

Tonight I’m going on safari… well sort of. The village have an annual get together – the safari supper – this is where everyone (who wants to, and have put their names down to go) start off at Uffington village hall to have starters, then everyone gets into the small groups that they’ve been put into (~6-8 people) and go to various peoples houses (who have put their names down to host 1 of the groups) for the main courses, then after that we all meet up again at the village hall for desserts.

Other news:
I went to the doctors on Monday, and was told I had a bad skin infection, so I’m now on antibiotics for a couple of weeks 😦 but hopefully it should clear things up 🙂

I went to body pump on Tuesday, I’m really getting into it, and after just 3 weeks I’m starting to see a difference 🙂

On Wednesday at work I went on a written communication course, which was interesting and (I felt) quite useful.

Well I’d better go now and get ready for going out 🙂

Take Care, Peace