Hi Guys

It was a little drizzly to start with, but it did cleared up a bit, with the sun making an appearance. We were guests to the Time Attack race meeting.

Qualifying: Position: 13th of 14; Lap Time: 1:23.360; 3rd in class
The drizzle had basically stopped by the time our qualifying session started and with other sessions being out before us, the track was remarkably quite dry.
I was back in the Peugeot 106, and not having been at Pembrey for 10 months, meant I was having to get back into the flow of the track in a car I’ve not driven in around it. I started slowly to get a good feel of the track conditions and the cars handling. I got quicker and more confident as the session went on. The car was handling well, nice and stable.
I knew I could go quicker, as I had done a quicker time before, I needed to mentally get in my head the car would hold going round the second apex of the long left hand corner (Dibeni and Senna Esses), that’s my nemesis corner after I had a big crash there a few years ago.
Pembrey Track
Race 1: Position: 13th of 14; Best Lap Time: 1:19.085; 3rd in class
The track was dry and the sun came out to play as well
I got a good start, but ended up with no where to go, as I gap I was going for disappeared – I didn’t really want to hit the pit wall or the other car, it meant I had to back out and lost the place I had gained.
The car was handling well, I was getting a bit more confident going into my nemesis corner, and was able to push harder through it. It was a bit of a lonely race as I had no one to race with this time , but happy enough to know I was able to push harder, improve and come home in one piece.

Race 2: Position: 12th of 14; Best Lap Time: 1:20.115
Dry track and the sun was popping out between the clouds in the overcast sky, it also became quite hot too.
Got another good start, coming up to the hairpin I saw lots of tyre smoke and a car broadside in the middle of the track  I managed to slow down enough to not hit the car, but I got hit in the side instead, which in some way might of pushed me to the outside line and drive around the spun car. Exciting start and managed to keep 4-5 cars behind me coming out the first corner and for a lap or two. Some hard fought racing.
Again, after the excitement of the first corner and first couple of laps, I had quite a lonely race, as I had no one to race with. Someone slowed up coming out the last corner and I had take avoiding action. Didn’t quite make it back it in one piece with a big dent in the right hand side, but nothing major.
Race Two Damage
Overall not a bad day, it could have been better by being able to race in a pack and battling for position with some of the others like at Donington Park, but it was still fun to have a car which I could race hard in. I did manage to pick up two more trophies though (both 3rd in class).
Final race meeting of the year is at Pembrey in October.

Take Care and God Bless