Hi guys

Sorry for the delay in writing about my first race of the season.

The season didn’t get off to the best of starts;
Qualifying was a bit disjointed with a red flag early on, due to a fellow competitor blowing up his engine, we then waited in the pits a quite a while, for the marshals to clear up the mess, so I turned my engine off, as we were let out again my car wouldn’t start, so was given a bump start, I got going again. I did 1 flying lap before I stacked my car into the wall, I got out by myself, got seen by the doctor and paramedics at the scene. I want to say thank you to the marshals (who are volunteers) and paramedics for what they do, because without them we wouldn’t be able to race 🙂 thumbs up to you.
Thankfully my mechanic Tony was able to provide me with one of his race school cars – it was only a low powered basic car – but it at least allowed me to race in both races – the 1st race I had to have all the other drivers agree to allow me to race, which they did, I’m so grateful to them, cheers guys 🙂 – I finished both races and brought the school car back in one piece.
I’m ok, just have a large deep bruise on my right thigh, and by Monday I also had aches on the left side of my neck and back. Today I ache less, and feel no ill effects from the crash 🙂 My race car is repairable.

I went to the chiropractor on Tuesday, and found my spine was rather curvy – like an S – I’m all straighten out and feel good. I went to the doctors today just to have a look at my leg, to make sure that there is no other deeper injuries – which there doesn’t seem to be, yay 🙂
Roll on the next race at Pembrey in June – I won’t make the May race at Castle Combe (which is a shame as it’s televised on MotorsTV) due mostly to finances, but also to give my mechanic a chance to mend my car and hopefully do a test.

Other news:
I had to miss my body pump this week of course, but other than that there isn’t anything else to say – interesting or otherwise.

Take Care & God Bless