Hi there

Well it stayed dry today – yay, even though at times it looked dodgy. The day was again of mixed feelings, more due to not understanding why I was still struggling :/ .  There was a qualifying session and just one race – there was a grid walk just before the race, so the public could come on to the grid and get up close to the cars and drivers. Qualifying was disappointing as I felt I was going well and going quicker then from my previous outings, but my fastest lap time didn’t reflect it, so I was slightly confused (and downhearted) as to what went wrong :(. The race went better I went ~5seconds quicker then qualifying and the car felt more responsive, but I still had problems with keeping up with the rest of the pack, I don’t know if it was due to the guys I’ve been racing with making improved modifications to their cars or whether I was concentrating to much on my bogey corner/s and ending up losing out on the other corners or whether it’s a mixture of both. All in all it was a good day as I felt good in the car, but a frustrating one as well.

I’ll be going up on to White Horse Hill tonight to watch the beacon being lit, but before that I’m going to chill. 🙂

Take Care, Peace