Hi guys

How time flies! My last post was about Halloween, we’re now in December! Crazy! In all fairness not much has happened over the last month.

Though there are a couple of little things that I feel I should mention. I finally picked up my road bike – a nice little Trek Lexa S.
My Road Bike - Lexa S
I haven’t been out on it much, due to it being a bit too cold and miserable, but I did do a 23 mile ride in early November with my best mate Ellie, we went from the top of Blowingstone Hill to Lambourn then into Wantage; where we stopped for a while to have a coffee from Costa and watched the Remembrance Day march; then from Wantage we went along the Wantage to Ashbury road to Kingston Lisle. We had a lovely lunch of sausage and chips – made by Ellie’s lovely mum. We then went to the Fox and Hounds for a quick drink, before having dinner; which was a lovely beef roast with all the trimmings – made by my lovely mum. So all in all a wonderful day 🙂
Ellie     Me and my Bike

Other than that just the usual; body pump and working. I have been helping my mum tidy up the hobby room aka the spare bedroom, for the last few weekends, yes it’s that messy, but we are getting there with it; the next room will be my sister’s bedroom aka the other spare bedroom, hopefully that one shouldn’t be quite such a hard task.

I’ve just finished reading Stephen King – It. The book I found was a little slow to get into at first, but as the story progressed I found it very hard to put down. As per normal with a Stephen King novel, the descriptions were incredible, and it made you feel like you had actually live the lives of the main characters (kids to start off with who then became adults).

I have had my hair coloured again, this time with bright purple and orange stripes. I had it straighten when I had it done, but it has now gone back to its usual curls again.
Purple and Orange Hair

There are a few activities that are coming up in the next few weeks, so I shall try to keep you posted when they happen.

Well I think that’s it for now.

Take Care & Smile 🙂