Just a bit of random mumbling today.

At work I did a working safely training course all day, though relevent it was a bit tedious on the lecture front of it, but the group discussion and walkabout with camera – taking photos of at risk/hazard areas around the work place – was ok and a bit more to my liking as I’m more of a hands-on/practical person.

I went for a 4 mile cycle ride on Saturday – in the windy conditions – but managed to do the route only a minute slower than normal which was cool 🙂

I started a cross stitch about 3-4 months ago – it was a very on/off affair, do 1/2 hour here and there and then nothing for a few weeks, but it is now finished 🙂 yay

This evening I went to body pump again which was fun and I feel it’s going to be a better class for me to do for my racing as it deals more with upper body strength.

Whilst writing this I’ve had a little furry friend trying to help me 🙂 and I’ve been listening to: Within Temptation – Stand My Ground and Skillet – Awake and Alive.

I’ve been thinking about doing certain things (over the next couple of years) outside work and my racing which inc.

  • Going to Rally GB in Wales this year, well might as well as it ‘s around my birthday;
  • Going to at least one skiing event, thinking maybe Kitzbuehel as it’s one of the blue ribbon events;
  • Looking into doing a welding/fabrication college course – preferrably a part-time one, so I can still work and get some sort of income;
  • Going to the LeMans 24hour event;
  • Going to America and Australia to see some sights and watch a couple a big race meetings in those countries.

So if anyone can give me some advice on these things, I’d be very happy with your help.

Take Care & God Bless