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Hi Guys

Well I finally managed to make it out on track for my first race meeting of the year , racing in the Peugeot 106 hired out from Tyrone, which I also tried out at the beginning of the month.
20180729_142508I love Donington Park, it’s a great circuit, we had lovely weather for racing, not! overcast, raining  and windy . I was dreading racing in the wet conditions, as I’m not much of a wet weather specialist, but I actually quite enjoy myself, as the Peugeot handles very well in these tricky conditions.

Qualifying – Position: 32 of 33; Lap Time: 1:58.295
It was drizzling and the track was damp. I was kind of using qualifying as a warm-up/practice session to get use to the car in the wet, so wasn’t expecting any quick times, though I wasn’t too far away from some of the others.
The car held really well in the tricky conditions, which helped give me confidence in the car. Had a little moment though coming into the chicane, by out braking myself. There were a few people spinning in front of me too.
The windscreen misted up during the session as well, which made it interesting to see. Hoping it will be sorted out for the first race, which in turn will allow me to push a bit harder.

Race 1: Position: 24 of 31 (4 DNF), 3rd in class ; Best Lap Time: 1:54.687
It was still drizzling when race 1 came around, and the track was damp and a little greasy.
Not a bad start, could of been better – though I think some of it was down to us don’t being as closely packed as we should of been for the rolling start – but I still had a good battle with three other cars throughout the whole race. I also got quicker as the race went on . Had to avoid a few spinners mind, and with one I almost came to a stop for, which ended up with me losing a place.
Car was handling well, with a fair amount of grip. My confidence was growing with each lap. No misting up! The only thing was, there was beginning to be some juddering under braking.
It felt good to be on track and actually racing side by side again, even in the wet conditions .

Race 2: Position: 23 of 28 (4 DNF), 2nd in class ; Best Lap Time: 1:40.20
It had stopped drizzling for a while, but as we were lining up on the grid it started again, though only lightly, it then stopped for most of the race, then it came back la little heavier couple laps from the end, which made it interesting. The track was pretty dry though throughout the race.
Got a better start – partly due to a better rolling start, and had a good battle with a few cars for the first part of the race, had a little lonely time for a couple of laps, then had a good close hard fought battle for the last lap or two and managed to hang on to finish in front .
Car was handling well again, with much less juddering under braking, which meant I could really push it.

I had a really enjoyable race meeting at a fun circuit, with lots of close racing, good battles and some near misses.
I came home with two trophies (3rd in class and 2nd in class)
A big thank you to Tyrone and his family for allowing me to race their Peugeot 106 and looking after the car this weekend, you are awesome .

Roll on the next race at Pembrey in August.

Take Care and God Bless

Hi Guys

I went testing again at Llandow on Thursday in my Ford Focus.

Well that was an interesting test session.
I’m getting more confident in the car now, the handling, balance and the power out of the car still is good, but my session was cut short due to the clutch/driveshaft breaking .
These things happen, and yes I know it seems to of happened a lot to me in recent times, but being on such a tight budget and prepping a new car can have an effect on what can be done at any one time and take longer to rectify problems.
I hope I can get these niggly little problems sorted out during testing, so by the time I make it to a race meeting all will be good to go.

The next time I’m out in a race car will be at Donington Park on the 29th in the Peugeot 106 that I’m hiring out from Tyrone.

In other news:
I passed my Taekwondo grading today  I’m now a red belt!  I was so nervous beforehand.
20180721_132919Though I have sustained a slight injury to one of my toes on my left foot – I bruised it during some one-step sparring. I’m just hoping it calms down enough for me to go racing next weekend.
I would also like to say well done to the others grader for passing their grades.

I think that’s it for now, and I will post again after my race meeting.

Take Care and God Bless

Test Session at Llandow

Hi Guys

I went testing at Llandow on Thursday in my Ford Focus.

The handling and balance of the car was pretty good – good hold on cornering, good power out the corners and down the straights and no heavy nose diving under braking.
Though I did end up overheating the brakes slightly and the exhaust gasket was starting to go, so had to call it a day a little sooner than hoped, but I still managed to get a good idea of the car’s potential.

Need to adjust the seat to a more comfortable driving position, bleed the brakes and replace the exhaust gasket.

I’m looking at a couple more test sessions again at Llandow in the Focus, to give me confidence in the car’s reliability, before going out racing in it, hopefully the last two Pembrey rounds, and the potential Castle Combe round.

So I’ll be racing the Peugeot, which I tried out at Donington Park at the French Car Show, at Donington Park on the 29th July.

I will post about my test sessions and race meeting when they happen.

Take Care and God Bless

French Car Show

Hi Guys

I was invited up to Donington Park yesterday to the French Car Show by Tyrone and Fabio to try out their Peugeot – which they are hiring out for racing.
As it was a track day style event there were time slots for going out. I was in the 1-3pm time slot.
Before being allowed on track I had to sign-on and have a drivers briefing.

Blue Band-Drivers Briefing; Pale Blue Band-Entry into Event; Yellow Band-Sign-on

It was a hot day ☀️ 🌡, so getting all kitted out in my race suit and helmet was a little warm. I had two outings in the Peugeot, once in the first hour and once in the second hour, though I was out only for a few laps each time, it was enough for me to get a feel for how the car handles and get accustomed to the track again, after 8 years!
Donington is a great track, as it has undulations, it flows from corner to corner nicely and a track you can really push on.
First session out, Tyrone did a couple of laps with me in the passenger seat, so I got a feel for the car and track, then I got in the driving seat, with Tyrone in the passenger seat.
I’ve been so use to power assisted steering, that it was a bit of a shock when I found the Peugeot didn’t have any, though I slowly got use it.

Letting the car (Tyrone and myself) cool down before going out again, as it was so hot out there.

Second session out, I got straight into the driving seat, with Tyrone in the passenger seat. I was getting a bit more use to the car and how it handled, so was able to push a little harder, but I still had to watch out for the other cars on track – some going slower and some going quicker.

I want to say thank you to Tyrone and Fabio for allowing me to drive the Peugeot, it was fun to get back out on track and especially on one I love.
I had an enjoyable day, even if I did get all hot and sweaty.

I will be out at Donington Park at the end of the month, for my first race meeting of the season.

In the meantime I will be having a test session in my Ford Focus at Llandow in the coming week.

Take Care and God Bless

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