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Odd ramblings

Hi there,

Just a short post today; not alot has happened really, certainly not been cycling for a while due to the horrid weather, we’ve been having lately, but I’ve been on my rowing machine, a couple of times and I’ll be going to my aerobics tomorrow so I’m not being a total slouch 🙂 lol

Spent my weekend watching the BTCC at a very wet Thruxton, some very good driving standards and very few accidents in such conditions – so thumbs up to all the guys and gals racing at the weekend. I just hope that I don’t have to have such conditions to race in on May 7th at Castle Combe, it’d be nice to see some of you guys there and have a chat :), if not the race meeting will be shown on MotorsTV – though I think it may be shown at a later date, but have a look see anyways just in case.

I’ve got bored and painted my finger nails green & white for this week, I know I’m slightly odd, but hey it’s good to let go sometimes, and be colourful 🙂

Life at work is good, getting my head round things now I’ve sorted out what I’m doing and having my way. I suppose the approaching race meeting and having my tattoo done soon is having an affect 🙂 🙂 smiley. I’m definately going to try and have a more positive outlook, as it does seem to make me feel better, and more relaxed.

Suppose I’d better sign off and get some sleep now.

Take Care, Smile & God Bless


Social Event

Hi ya

On Thursday after work I went karting (a work social event) – a 2 hour team endurance, there were 10 teams in all; it was great fun, it made me realise how much I missed karting as I haven’t done any for about 5-6 years, the event gave me a chance to air out my karting gear, which was cool 🙂 I’ve got a slightly bruised back though 😦 as the padding wasn’t much use; the team I was in (Gotta Get Out My Way) came 2nd overall, got beat by a group who goes karting almost every weekend or something like that, but came 1st in the Crown (the company I work for) employees standings.

Today’s testing in Llandow didn’t happen due to bad weather :(, so I’m gutted not to get out to bed in my new brakes, but hopefully next week if I can get a dry day, fingers crossed.

If the weather’s nice tomorrow I may go for a cycle ride, then go looking for a new bike as mine at the moment is (getting) a little worn out – had it for ~12-14 years so it hasn’t done bad really.

Think that’s it for now.

Take Care & God Bless


Random Stuff

Hi ya

Been a while since I last wrote anything, haven’t done much, bascially working – and lots of it. On Saturday I went for 6.5 mile cycle ride, which felt really good, though I’ve been pretty lazy since, though I did go to aerobics class on Tueday 🙂 I suppose a lot of it has to come down to the weather being so miserable 😦 but hey will see what tomorrow brings – will be it nice enough to go for a cycke ride or will be it some more time on the rower.

My (road) car went in for it’s MOT today, the only thing that was wrong with it was having to replace a front brake hose 🙂 not too bad could of been worst.

Getting slightly confused as to what day it is as certain (regular occuring) things have happen on different days this week, but I’m sure I’ll be ok, just getting a little excited about testing this Friday I suppose – and hoping that the weather calms down enough for it to go ahead though :s fingers crossed. These things happen when you do outdoor activities 🙂

I’ll be getting some more ink (tattoo) done in the next couple of weeks, picture(s) will follow after it’s done I promise. So excited about it 🙂

Beginning of this week I’ve painted my finger nails black & red, which looked so cool, though now it needs removing it’s kinda falling/chipped off. What colour will they be next week…?

I think that’s kinda it for the time being.

Chill Out, Take Care & God Bless


Testing :)

Hi there

Wednesday was a pretty boring day as not alot happened so no post.

Today I’ve got a date for testing my MG, it’s next Friday at Llandow, Woo can’t wait to get back behind the wheel, it brightens my day when I know I’m going to the track wether it be for testing or racing 🙂

The weather was so undecided today, as it didn’t know if it wanted to cry or not, I decided that I wouldn’t risk going for a cycle ride after work, instead I decided to go on my rower just for a change.

Happy days, oh well life goes on.

Peace, God Bless 🙂


Sorry guys

Hi guys

Sorry for not writing for awhile, but not alot has happened to tell you the truth. The weather has been a bit up and down, nice one minute miserable the next, you gotta love it lol 🙂 well I suppose it keeps us on our toes, and it’ll be boring if it was always the same. So since Wednesday I’ve….

Thursday; worked during the day, then had a lazy evening, so pretty boring really.

Friday; worked during the day, then really felt like I needed to get out and exercise, so went for a 6.5 mile cycle ride before dinner, felt much better. 🙂

Saturday & Sunday; were pretty relaxed, watched the Chinese Grand Prix and BTCC (British Touring Car Championship), wow what an exciting mixed of racing, never a dull moment, great win for Rosbery in F1, and the usual close racing in the touring cars & support races, not alot else to be said. Felt a little guilty not doing any exercise over the weekend, but hey they say you need rest inbetween stints. 🙂

Monday; again worked during the day, then went for a short 4 mile cycle ride, the wind made it a little more difficult, and to make matters worse I almost got run over by someone (who didn’t indicate) trying to park up, they just drove on to my side of the road disregarding the fact I was there, then looked at me as to say ‘what you think you doing being in my way’ oh well, but I made it back in one piece, then had dinner, sat and watched a bit of TV.

Today; again at work – busy as always it seems at the moment, everyone just wants me to be in multi places at the same time, I can only do so much, oh well I try not to let it get to me, as I can only do as much I can. Went to aerobics tonight alot of fun, groovy music to dance to 🙂 just had my dinner, now just kicking back and relaxing 🙂

I should in a day or so know when I’m out testing my little MG, so I’ll keep you posted on that 🙂

Well I think that’s all for now.

Take Care, Peace, God Bless 🙂




After a crazy busy day at work, the weather was so nice I was planning a cycle ride, then as I was about to leave work it decided to rain so no cycle ride for me… or so I thought… about an hour after getting home it stopped raining and the sun came out again, so I did my cycle ride, but only did a short 4-5 mile ride instead of the longer ride I was thinking of doing, as it was starting to get a little late in the day, at least I did it 🙂

On the racing front I’m planning on doing a test session for later this month but I haven’t yet decided on which day, got to test out the new brakes and to bed them in before the race at the beginning of May. Will keep you posted as to when and where the test will be.

Only a short post today as not a lot has happened.

Ciao, Take Care


Back to Work


Back to work after the Easter break, hope you all had a nice weekend? I’m busy busy busy at work, so much to do so little time lol isn’t that just the case with most things, time just seems to fly by and disappear into a void.

Just got back from doing body combat, I feel so much better after doing excerise makes me feel more alive 🙂

I’m loving my awesome bright bluey green streaks in my hair, they look really cool mixed in with my naturally dark hair.

I watched the MotoGP race at Qatar yesterday, an amazing well done to Cal for his 4th place finish 🙂 This year should be a great close battle between Jorge, Dani & Casey with the others not far behind having a good scrap with each other 🙂

I’ll better go and have my dinner – I’m pretty hungry now.

Speak soon, take care



Hi there

This is my first blog post, I suppose I better introduce myself, so here goes:

I’m Verity Banks otherwise known as Vez, I race cars as a hobby, like watching various forms of motorsport, like reading books, love having a laugh with my mates, I keep fit by cycling, rowing, weight training, aerobics etc, I’m (as I call myself) a spiritual christian, I have a dry sense of humour at times, and I’m generally an all round friendly – if a little crazy (in a good way) person.

My blogging will be mostly about my racing, I’m racing an MG ZR in the Welsh Sport & Saloon Championship this year with a couple of races in the Castle Combe Saloon Championship. I had my first race of the season last weekend  – April 1st – at Pembrey, it was great to get back out after a long winter break 🙂 though the weekend for me was of mixed emotions. I finished both races but was having brake problems thoughout. In the first race I also had to contend with having petrol/oil sprayed over my car as another competitor’s engine blew up right in front of me, so was a little frustrated, but I’m happy to have come back with an undamaged car otherwise and two trophies yay. Next race (hopefully) will be at Castle Combe on May 7th.

I will also blog about other things that take my fancy outside of racing; like books, animals – especially my cat Sirius, he does some odd things 🙂 and other random stuff that I find funny or interesting. At the moment I’m reading the 6th book of the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King, these books have really taken me on a rollercoaster journey, they’re definately worth reading 🙂

I hope I haven’t bored you with my ramblings and I’ll try to keep you posted with what’s happening in my little world

Take Care 🙂


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