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Hi guys

WOW! what an experience 😀 Where do I begin.

On Friday evening I got to my sisters, we had dinner, Amber then drew designs on the strappy tops that Ellie and myself wore on Sunday, then we sat down to watch a film – the film was 9.

I left my sisters house early Saturday (everywhere was eerily quiet at that time in the morning), I got into London just before 8am, got on the underground to St Pancras – OMG so many people, I didn’t really know where I was suppose to go, but looked around a bit and decided to stand in a queue which seemed like where I needed to be. Going through the scanner I beeped, so had to be patted down – it was only my car keys in my jeans pocket, so there was no problem and I went on my way, had my passport checked, then got onto the Eurostar – I could then relax.
I arrived in Paris midday Saturday, I took a taxis to the Eiffel Tower, but along the way the taxis I was in got stopped by the police – no problem just a random check. Got to the Eiffel Tower where I met up with Ellie (@elzrocks).

We went to our hotel to drop off our stuff, then we went searching for the TeamSky Fanzone in the Frog XVI pub, we got quite lost, but with some help from some friends and a taxis driver we got there – it was just off the Arc de Triomphe.

On Sunday Ellie and me got up early to get down to the Champs-Elysees, where the TeamSky fanzone was.

It was quiet early on – and chilly, but the atmosphere started to buzz with excitement and it grew as the day went on.
The amount of Brits there was crazy, there were other nationalities around dotted inbetween – we met some great people as well. The weather was beautiful, blue sky (with not a cloud in the sky), lots of sunshine and eventually became quite hot. We watched the maintance crew set up the barriers – for which the cyclists where to go round; and also watched the little Skoda drive up the ramp to the platform – as a sponsor thing. Then around 3:30pm the caravan came around  (it’s a parade for all the different sponsors to show off themselves before the cyclists start their 8 laps round the Champs-Elysees).
We were given some temp tattoos – mine are still hanging on, though the #allezcav one is starting to look a little tatty now.

We tried quite a few Mexican Waves – some more successful than others. When the riders finally came round the crowd just erupted with chants, songs, and other random noises 🙂 and continued lap after lap. On the last lap the crowd became relatively quiet as we all tried to work out what was going on and who was winning – finally the wait was over and Cav crossed the finish line first, the crowd went wild with joy.

Then the teams one-by-one came up to have their photos taken with the Arc de Triomphe behind them, the crowd cheered for pretty much every team, but Team Sky got the biggest cheer of all, some of the riders came up and signed stuff for us – including Cav, Sagan and Wiggins (though Wiggo didn’t sign anything he just high-fived various people).

I think this was when I lost my sunglasses, as after we had departed I found that they weren’t on my cap anymore, we went back to the place we were, but no they were definately gone. We went passed a souvenir shop or two and I brought myself a new pair; I also picked up a couple of little souvenirs for my parents and Amber and Rob. After that we had something to eat at a pizza place, then went back to the hotel. It was such a tiring day but well worth it – amazing :).

We came back on Monday, and not only did we manage to get an earlier departure time, we also came across the Spanish Cycle Team Car, we had our photo taken with them (thank you to the Saxo Bank Tinkoff Bank guy for taking the photo).

I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who were there for making it such a great day; and especially to David Dunphy for organising the Team Sky fanzone party things, Tim Baines for helping out with directions to the Frog XVI on Saturday and Ellie for just being the bestest mate ever 😀

I went back to work on Tuesday, still way to tired I think, and if that wasn’t enough I also went to body pump – after I had picked up my car from Amber and Robs.

I think I’m just starting to wake up a bit, but the hot sticky weather we are having at the moment is taking its toll me thinks.

Right I’m off to bed now; got the doctors tomorrow before going to work 😦

Take Care & God Bless



Paris Here I Come

Hi guys

The time is getting near for my trip to Paris. Due to the lateness of Rob’s gig in Reading I won’t be going; but that means Amber and me will be having a girls night in :).

I’m nervous and excited about my trip. I think once I catch both trains on time, I’ll relax, then it’ll be on to finding my way from Gard de Nord to Hotel Exelmens – they are on either side of Paris! I’m sure I’ll be ok :).

I had a blood test on Tuesday, but I won’t know the result until next week.

Sirius has been finding this week very strange, as I’ve been the only one around – with my parents being away on holiday. I can’t believe just how quick these two weeks have gone :O. I think I need another one just to recovery from this one lol.

Well not much else to say for the time being. I’ll post about my trip to Paris when I get back.

Take Care & God Bless


Almost Time…

Hi guys

Well last week was relatively chilled out, though I did do some sorting and tiding of a couple of rooms in the house; I also did a bit of shopping – brought some stuff from Argos (nothing particularly exciting), just an ironing board cover for my mum, a shower curtain, a small 4 drawer set and a towel rail for me. I also brought some more nail vanish (bright teal and a bright pinky colour), and a couple of strappy tops for me and my mate @elzrocks, for drawing on, for the Tour de France.

This week is going to be a little more crazy as I’m on my own. I’m still trying to tidy up the house (getting there slowly – and I’ve also broken the vacuum cleaner); I’m going to the doctors, going to the dentist, food shopping, and then off to Amber and Rob’s on Friday – I may even go to see Rob’s band play in Reading, then it’s up early on Saturday to go to Paris 😀 I think I’ve got everything sorted for my trip.

I’m still going to body pump – I’m sure a lot of my tops wont fit me soon, due to the added muscle lol, oh well I’m sure I’ll cope.

I haven’t been out on my bike for a while due to the bad weather – when will it stop!

When I come back from Paris, it’s straight back to work – lots of it as well. Then 2 weeks later I’ll be in Pembrey, yay, back behind the wheel, hopefully the few tweaks that have been made will improve my performance and I’ll be able to fight with the others out there – a full grid of 32 cars, an historical moment for the Welsh Sports & Saloon Championship! So if anyone wants to come along to witness this moment, by all means come, it’ll be a great day out 🙂 and come and have a chat as well.

Well I think that’s all for now.

Take Care & God Bless


A Break from Work….

Hi guys

Sorry for not posting for such a long time, but there hasn’t really been anything to talk about.

I’m back on antibiotics – as my rash came back on my neck – will come off them next week, and hopefully this time the rash will be gone (and stay away). If it doesn’t, well other tests will be carried out.

I went to body pump on Tuesday, still really enjoying it 🙂

I’m now on a two week break from work, been a while since I’ve had any sort of holiday. I haven’t planned much, as I just want to chill out and relax for a bit, before going to Paris on 21-23 July – yes I’ve finally taken the plunge and sorted myself out, and now I’m going on a new adventure – it’s certainly going to be an experience 🙂 a good one I hope.

I’ve got myself a digital camera – I’ve never actually owned one before – I know I’m finally getting myself into the 21st century 🙂

Not much else to say at present, so I’ll say…

Take Care and God Bless 🙂


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