Hi guys

Here’s the round-up of the first race meeting of the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship at Castle Combe. The weather was beautiful, blue skies and lots of sunshine.
Front view of my MG

Qualifying went well, better than expected, as it was a bit of a test session for me, with having to re-learn the circuit (having not raced there for about 4-5 years, plus about 3/4 of the track had been re-surfaced) and having to scrub in the tyres.
Qualified: 27th out of 28 – Lap Time: 1:36.808

Race 1:
I had a good start taking 2-3 cars off the line and had a good battle for a few laps with them, before fading due to lack of overall engine power. The car felt well balanced and seem to be going in the right direction with the progress of the car.
Race Result: 24th – Lap Time: 1:35.724
In the assembly area
Race 2:
I didn’t get a particularly good start, the rolling start was slightly slower then the first race and I couldn’t quite keep at my optimum revs. The race itself was rather disjointed, after about 4-5 laps the red flag came out due to 3 cars going together coming out Camp Corner (the final corner) and another car stopped to the outside of Tower Corner. The race restarted, but due to the time curfew at Castle Combe, we only did 2 race laps – which was classified as a full race. It put a bit of a dampener on an otherwise good day.
Race Result: 17th – Lap Time: 1:36.691

Overall I was feeling positive about the day. I now need to find some money to upgrade my engine to give it more power, so I can really do battle and feel I’m actually part of the racing and not just an added chicane for the other competitors.

That’s all for now folks
Take Care and God Bless