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Fun at Youth Club


Just got back from youth club, and have come back with some extra artwork (temporary tattoos) – 1 on my left arm, and 2 on my face, I had both hands painted – 1 with a black & ble heart; the other with a glittery skeleton design – but I washed them before I came home. I didn’t get any photos of the artwork, bit of a shame but hey, and a pink bow tied to my top. The things we adults have to do; no its all good fun and we have a laugh. Not too bad for a few hours out the house.

Youth work can be so much fun 🙂 well it is a pretty chilled out place to be and allows children (and adults) to relax and just have fun, without any pressures. 🙂

Well I think I will go get myself a nice hot chocolate and chill in front of the TV for awhile before going to bed. Back to work tomorrow, then a nice 4 day weekend 🙂

Take Care & Relax


Hi there

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything and I’m sorry for that. It’s been a bit a of a emotional rollercoaster ride for me just recently.

The high of last week with my (hopefully) successful session on the simulator, to having a deep low of having – regrettably – to pulling out of going to France with my mate @elzrocks to watch the Tour de France (ToF) due to me cocking up, as I have to look after my cat Sirius on the week 16-20 as my parents are away on holiday that week and someone has to look after the ‘very nervous around strangers’ cat. So I’ve been very emotionally upset by this, but sometimes these sorts of  things happen. I hope my mate still has a fantastic trip over in France.

Other news:
I’ve been for a couple of cycle rides and have also been to body pump this week – which was fun 🙂

I’m racing at Castle Combe on Monday June 4th, so if anyone wants to come along they are more than welcome 🙂 hopefully the weather will be better this time round – fingers crossed.

I’ve still got a problem after my 20 mile ridgeway walk from May 12, as I gave myself a black toe (blood blister) which seems to heal ok as it drained nicely, but it’s still black and last night it started to try and come off – nail and all, it doesn’t hurt in the slightest, but I may have to go to the doctors at some point.

My photos from my photoshoot are now ready for collecting so when I get them I will post some of them on my blog.

Right I better be going now as I’m co-leader for this weeks youth club session. Should be fun 🙂

See ya laters,

Take Care and Breathe


Hi guys

Well my day on  the simulator was great fun and more importantly (I feel) really useful; I learnt a lot from the experience, now to see if I can keep the information lodged in my head for my next race (June 4 at Castle Combe). Started out with Matt (Driver Coach) assessing my actual driving standard – which he seemed to be very happy with – then on to how to improve on my braking. The cars I got to “drive” were a F3 car and GP2 car (to assess if I could drive or not) then on to a Renault Clio – which was the closest thing to my MG ZR, being front wheel drive – (to deal with my braking). The tracks I “ran on” were Silverstone National and Castle Combe (which Matt said was one of the most difficult circuits to master in general). I then got the chance to have a go in a F1 car round Castle Combe for the last few minutes – that was amazing fun, and I did pretty well at keeping it in control whilst going at a reasonabe pace 🙂

Other “news” I went and did body combat  this evening – I didn’t do any exercise last week due to recovering (getting my legs back to normal) from doing my 20 mile walk. I feel better now and feel I can continue on with my varied fitness rountine – the weather is really helping 🙂 with warm sunshine and blue skies – yay summer has arrived (well at least for this week, and hopefully for a few more)

Think that’s it for the time being 🙂

Take Care


Hi there guys

What a beautiful day it is today, and I’ve got the day off work to go to get some driver coaching on the simulator at GPR (Grand Prix Racewear) a Silverstone. Will write about it when I come back.

Did you know it is also World Goth Day today – so why not put your goth on to celebrate 🙂

Chill Out, Smile & Goth It Up



Hi there

This weekend was kinda interesting for me, for two reasons; photoshoot and buying a tent.

On Saturday I had a photoshoot wearing my car racing kit, I’ll know what the results look like next Saturday, the photos should look really cool.

Then later on Saturday I went down to Basingstoke to meet up with my best mate Ellie, to sort out more on our trip to France in July – we’ll be following the TdF (Tour de France) – We went and brought ourselves a very cool tent from Go Outdoors, then when we got back we watched a film – Doomsday – with Jo and Julie, we ended up making it a bit of a comedy film 🙂 it was such a laugh.

Today Ellie and myself put up our tent only to find it had a hole in the roof, so we went back to Go Outdoors to exchange it, then when we got back to Ellie’s we put the new tent up which was fine, so we’re both well excited.

It won’t be long before we go on our 2 week road trip in France, it’s going to be one hell of a adventure and experience 🙂

Take Care, Smile & God Bless


Achy Achy…

Hi Guys

Well last week was busy as I had said before.

Wednesday’s safeguard training was interesting, as it made me think about certain aspects of child protection more and how I need to be more aware and observant of what’s going on around me, as you never know what you see or heard may help in helping out a child in need.

Thursday I was out at a meeting about the local youth club I volunteer with, to discuss what has happened in the past youth club events and evenings and what’s coming up.

Friday I had my tattoo done, it didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as I was thinking it was going to – which was nice, made the session go flying by in reasonably comfort.

Saturday I did the Ridgeway 20 mile walk – which started at Uffington Castle and finished at Streatley-on-Thames. I managed to do the walk in just under 7.5 hours which for a 1st time was pretty good I thought. My leg joints didn’t enjoy the walk though, both legs were screaming in pain – past injuries raising their ugly head. Got a nicely sunburned right arm, nose, and neck though – my new tattoo was 100% covered up. Sunday morning I ached a little less, but my left ankle was looking bruised and slightly swollen, and a toe on my right foot is still blood blistered – but not badly, other than that the rest of me was fine. Don’t think I’ll be doing it again, but I can at least say I have.

Today I went to the doctors to have my left ankle check out as it was still on the painful side, it seems that I’ve only strained the ligaments there so it’ll heal up sooner rather than later. After work I went to the chiropractor to straighten me out – I felt better afterwards (and still do) 🙂 so hopefully I’ll be walking better again without the pain and discomfort of the last couple of days.

I’m thinking this week will be a lot quieter and less strenuous then last week. My body will be happy to have some time to recover and relax 🙂

I’m thinking it time for bed now as I’m still on the tired side.

Take Care (or should that be directed at me lol) and God Bless


Racing – May 7th

Hi ya guys

Monday’s racing at Castle Combe was of mixed weather and feelings. Qualifying was wet, the spray made it hard to see, and I was sliding around too much for my liking; Race 1 was also wet, I had to start from pit-lane due to my car not wanting to start up due a to low battery (I was so annoyed), but got going and managed to knock off 2 seconds off my qualifying time – when almost everyone else seemingly went 2-4 seconds slower, and that was with a continuous line of oil/diesel round the track, you could see it clear as day, made the track very slippery; Race 2 was DRY (yay) I had an amazing start (you could say that I was a bit of a pocket rocket off the line) and I gained a couple of places, then got slightly hindered going into the 1st corner, so lost some places, from then on I don’t know what happened as I couldn’t keep up the the rest of the field, I didn’t seem to have a lack of power or anything :s I know I have a problem with Camp corner (last corner before start/finish straight), it is so my nemesis grr I must get it sorted!

Today I went to do my aerobics, but it didn’t happen as a teacher/instructor didn’t turn up, so I went to the gym studio for about 20-25 minutes, before going to body combat – which is a lot of fun 🙂 I had to do something, otherwise I would of felt bad and lazy.

Tomorrow it’s back to work, then on to my safeguard training course, which should be interesting.

I’d better go to bed now as I’m now very tired from all my physical workout over the last couple of days.

Take Care & God Bless


Hi ya

Hoping that the weather stays nice for Monday, can’t wait for the racing to begin at Castle Combe 🙂 Will write about how I did, and the general racing sometime after the event.

I did a 4 mile cycle ride on Wednesday as the weather was nice, though it did rain afterwards with a bit of thunder & lightning thrown in as well, but by then I was indoors all cozy and warm 🙂 today I did a 10 minute session on my rowing machine – it felt good 🙂 think I should be ok for Monday now.

Got a busy week ahead – Monday racing, Tuesday aerobics, Wednesday doing a safeguard training course, Friday tattoo being done, Saturday (hopefully if/when I get the paperwork) a 20 mile walk. Will try to keep you updated on my antics, we’ll see how things go.

Not much else to say, so I’ll sign off and I’ll get some sleep me thinks.

Peace, Smile & God Bless


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