Hi guys

Well my day on  the simulator was great fun and more importantly (I feel) really useful; I learnt a lot from the experience, now to see if I can keep the information lodged in my head for my next race (June 4 at Castle Combe). Started out with Matt (Driver Coach) assessing my actual driving standard – which he seemed to be very happy with – then on to how to improve on my braking. The cars I got to “drive” were a F3 car and GP2 car (to assess if I could drive or not) then on to a Renault Clio – which was the closest thing to my MG ZR, being front wheel drive – (to deal with my braking). The tracks I “ran on” were Silverstone National and Castle Combe (which Matt said was one of the most difficult circuits to master in general). I then got the chance to have a go in a F1 car round Castle Combe for the last few minutes – that was amazing fun, and I did pretty well at keeping it in control whilst going at a reasonabe pace 🙂

Other “news” I went and did body combat  this evening – I didn’t do any exercise last week due to recovering (getting my legs back to normal) from doing my 20 mile walk. I feel better now and feel I can continue on with my varied fitness rountine – the weather is really helping 🙂 with warm sunshine and blue skies – yay summer has arrived (well at least for this week, and hopefully for a few more)

Think that’s it for the time being 🙂

Take Care