Hi there

This weekend was kinda interesting for me, for two reasons; photoshoot and buying a tent.

On Saturday I had a photoshoot wearing my car racing kit, I’ll know what the results look like next Saturday, the photos should look really cool.

Then later on Saturday I went down to Basingstoke to meet up with my best mate Ellie, to sort out more on our trip to France in July – we’ll be following the TdF (Tour de France) – We went and brought ourselves a very cool tent from Go Outdoors, then when we got back we watched a film – Doomsday – with Jo and Julie, we ended up making it a bit of a comedy film 🙂 it was such a laugh.

Today Ellie and myself put up our tent only to find it had a hole in the roof, so we went back to Go Outdoors to exchange it, then when we got back to Ellie’s we put the new tent up which was fine, so we’re both well excited.

It won’t be long before we go on our 2 week road trip in France, it’s going to be one hell of a adventure and experience 🙂

Take Care, Smile & God Bless