Hi Guys

Well last week was busy as I had said before.

Wednesday’s safeguard training was interesting, as it made me think about certain aspects of child protection more and how I need to be more aware and observant of what’s going on around me, as you never know what you see or heard may help in helping out a child in need.

Thursday I was out at a meeting about the local youth club I volunteer with, to discuss what has happened in the past youth club events and evenings and what’s coming up.

Friday I had my tattoo done, it didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as I was thinking it was going to – which was nice, made the session go flying by in reasonably comfort.

Saturday I did the Ridgeway 20 mile walk – which started at Uffington Castle and finished at Streatley-on-Thames. I managed to do the walk in just under 7.5 hours which for a 1st time was pretty good I thought. My leg joints didn’t enjoy the walk though, both legs were screaming in pain – past injuries raising their ugly head. Got a nicely sunburned right arm, nose, and neck though – my new tattoo was 100% covered up. Sunday morning I ached a little less, but my left ankle was looking bruised and slightly swollen, and a toe on my right foot is still blood blistered – but not badly, other than that the rest of me was fine. Don’t think I’ll be doing it again, but I can at least say I have.

Today I went to the doctors to have my left ankle check out as it was still on the painful side, it seems that I’ve only strained the ligaments there so it’ll heal up sooner rather than later. After work I went to the chiropractor to straighten me out – I felt better afterwards (and still do) 🙂 so hopefully I’ll be walking better again without the pain and discomfort of the last couple of days.

I’m thinking this week will be a lot quieter and less strenuous then last week. My body will be happy to have some time to recover and relax 🙂

I’m thinking it time for bed now as I’m still on the tired side.

Take Care (or should that be directed at me lol) and God Bless