Just got back from youth club, and have come back with some extra artwork (temporary tattoos) – 1 on my left arm, and 2 on my face, I had both hands painted – 1 with a black & ble heart; the other with a glittery skeleton design – but I washed them before I came home. I didn’t get any photos of the artwork, bit of a shame but hey, and a pink bow tied to my top. The things we adults have to do; no its all good fun and we have a laugh. Not too bad for a few hours out the house.

Youth work can be so much fun 🙂 well it is a pretty chilled out place to be and allows children (and adults) to relax and just have fun, without any pressures. 🙂

Well I think I will go get myself a nice hot chocolate and chill in front of the TV for awhile before going to bed. Back to work tomorrow, then a nice 4 day weekend 🙂

Take Care & Relax