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No Racing :(

Hi guys

Well not alot has happened, been for a few cycle rides early on in the month, trying out more hilly routes and distances, but haven’t been out much recently due to the wind and rain, and when it has been nice I’ve had other things already planned – damn it!

Well the title of my post is to do with me not being able to go racing at Pembrey on the 29-30th June. My car is 99% complete but the last couple of bits that were ordered haven’t arrive yet, so I’ve had to pull out of the race meeting – so gutted was so looking forward to getting back out again :(. My next race at Pembrey is in August, and I will make damn sure to be out for that one, but in the mean time I’ll be doing some testing.

Though I have done some racing this month, though in a kart. I did a 2 hour team endurance race – courtesy of work. There were 10 teams competing, and my team came 3rd (one step lower than last year though), but in the circumstances it was a great result. We (or rather I, as I did the qualifying) started 8th, which wasn’t where I expected to be, but I did get stopped so that my transponder could get change, and it was a very short session – so I blaming the lack of track time for my poor performance. We spent most of the race in 5th or 7th place, when I went out at the end for a 25 minute stint we were in 5th 1 lap down to 4th, so I did what any racing driver does and just went for it, all hell for leather, nothing to lose. After the checkered flag came out, I wasn’t expecting much, even though I overtook lots of times, and looked at the timing screen to find that my team had somehow got 3rd place 😀 I couldn’t believe it, I’m not complaining though. I was buzzing so much afterwards.

I really should get out in a kart more often, as I have so much fun racing them, though it would only be hire kart type events I do now, as my race kart is so old and out of spec, it would probably be put in the historic kart race now. But if anyone out there is willing to lend me a race kart to race, I’m all up for it! 🙂 This isn’t saying I don’t enjoy my car racing.

I can’t think of anything else at present, other than the usual stuff I do on a regular basis (ie. body pump, messy church)

Well that’s it for now.

Take Care, God Bless & remember Stay Positive and Smile 🙂 (Listening to Orianthi Ft Lacey – Courage)


Social Event

Hi ya

On Thursday after work I went karting (a work social event) – a 2 hour team endurance, there were 10 teams in all; it was great fun, it made me realise how much I missed karting as I haven’t done any for about 5-6 years, the event gave me a chance to air out my karting gear, which was cool 🙂 I’ve got a slightly bruised back though 😦 as the padding wasn’t much use; the team I was in (Gotta Get Out My Way) came 2nd overall, got beat by a group who goes karting almost every weekend or something like that, but came 1st in the Crown (the company I work for) employees standings.

Today’s testing in Llandow didn’t happen due to bad weather :(, so I’m gutted not to get out to bed in my new brakes, but hopefully next week if I can get a dry day, fingers crossed.

If the weather’s nice tomorrow I may go for a cycle ride, then go looking for a new bike as mine at the moment is (getting) a little worn out – had it for ~12-14 years so it hasn’t done bad really.

Think that’s it for now.

Take Care & God Bless


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