Hi there

On the work front I’ve been made safe, so I can relax a little regarding my employment status, but I’m still looking round for other jobs outside the company. More on that when I hear more.

I know I’m a little late mentioning this, but the Uffington Players are performing King Arthur – The Panto tonight, Friday & Saturday evenings. Tickets are still available for all nights, so if you are near by why not pop in to see one of the shows. I’m doing the lighting again, I helped set up the lights and sound system last weekend, so I’ve had a pretty busy week this week.

I won’t be doing the lighting duties on Friday as I had already agreed to go to a Charity Contra Dance in Benson near Wallingford. I don’t know what it is, but it sounds a bit folk/country dancing type of thing, it should be a great laugh and lots of fun 🙂

I haven’t been out on my bike yet due to the horrible weather, so have had to be content on using my rowing machine more, which isn’t a bad thing, just that I would love to get out on my bike! I’m still enjoy doing my body pump, not only is it strengthening my muscles and giving them some definition, it’s also a great way to socialize and meet up with various people.

I hope everyone enjoyed having their pancakes on Tuesday. I may dislike today, but some people like it, so for all who enjoy it Happy Valentines Day 🙂

I’m just mumbling now, and there isn’t a lot else going on at present. So for now…

Take Care & God Bless