Hi Guys

Last weekend I did something I’ve never done before, I did a powerlifting competition!
FB_IMG_1543689923534The event, was in memory of Chris Delahunty, who was an avid lifter and tragically died earlier this year aged 45, and to help raise funds for a local care home minibus.

There were 3 females listed as doing the event, but Abbie Barnes – a professional powerlifter, dropped out as she was going to be competing in a more high profile competition a week or 2 after, but still came along to ref the competition. There were 12 males competing.
I decided to take on the challenge on the Friday before the event, to bring the number of females back up to 3, so no training! though I have been doing body pump for a few years, so not completely new to lifting weights, just new to this style of lifting – single rep with the heaviest weight you can lift, you get 3 attempts to lift.
On the day of the event, another female competitor dropped out due to illness, so it ended up with just two of us.

We did three different lifts – Squat; Bench Press; Deadlift.
As you might of realised, I wasn’t going to be lifting all that heavy in comparison to the others competing, due to never having done this sort of thing before and no training, but I gave it a go.

I was pretty happy with my squat weight 45kg, though I could of potentially lifted 5-10kg heavier.
I was well happy with my bench press weight of 35kg, having never really lifted more than 12.5kg in body pump!
The deadlift I was a little disappointed with, as I chickened out of starting at the 40kg weight, but I did achieve 60kg, so not too bad, but so could of been better.
I had quite a fun and enjoyable experience overall in a relaxed environment. Everyone were friendly, made me feel welcomed and were encouraging in my attempts, even if my weights were light in comparison

Thank you to everyone who were involved in putting on such a fun event, especially KA Fitness (Steve Broadley) for hosting, Frankie Dorrian for organising, Abbie Barnes and Martin Green for reffing and Harrie-Lou Charlton for encouraging me to give it a go.

I might try doing it again, to see if I could improve, but I don’t think I will be making it a regular feature.

Take Care and Blessed Be