Hi Guys

On Saturday I went to the Cardiff Copthorne Hotel for the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship Awards Evening.


Before heading out

It was a lovely evening and very relaxed –¬†more so then last year, as I was more aware of what the evening was going to be like, so¬†my anxiety levels¬†were lower.
I was sitting on the same table as the Luffarelli family Рwho were the kind people to allow me to race their Peugeot 106 in the last three race meetings this year.
The food was really good too .

This year I finished third in my¬†class overall, even though I only did half the year –¬†what could of been if I had managed to do the whole year. I’m starting to run out of space to put all my trophies – though I’m not complaining, as I still want to do well and continue to build on my improved performance.

That’s it for now. Hoping my Ford Focus is going to be ready for some test sessions during the winter, so I can start the 2019 season in April.

Take Care & Blessed Be