Hi Guys

Well bad luck seems to be my friend at the moment in my racing. As you might have gathered I didn’t get out for the season finale at Pembrey in the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship; disappointed, that is an understatement. This time it was the gearbox and differential playing up. I suppose increasing the power output of the engine is going to put a bit more strain on other components, so I shouldn’t be too surprised that there were issues, but…

The plan was to get the car ready to go on the rolling road, to check it was running fine, so I could then have time to do some testing before the race weekend, but with the delay in getting the ECU back after that was damaged – TNT were a week LATE in delivering it, we was supposed to of got it end of September, but it wasn’t delivered til the Monday before the race – it put everything else out of sync.

The car was put on the rolling road, the first two runs the car was running beautifully smooth, and sounded great, on the third run, it was rolling along nicely then the wheels suddenly locked up! The initial thought was the differential had seized up, if that was all, it would have been a relatively easy job to of rectify, and I would have been racing, but there were other issues relating to the gearbox, the problem couldn’t be found, but something was definitely wrong. Putting the car back together (after stripping it down to try to find the issue), started it up, and it was sounding rough and clunky and not good at all.

Though the car was running and we could get it to start this time, the knocking and the unknown cause for the locking up of the wheels was a concern, and so the decision to not race was more down to safety.

Well this year hasn’t gone well, but here’s hoping the 2016 season will bring better luck, and I can finally, after three tough years, have a good year of racing 🙂

Take Care and God Bless