Well I was suppose to of being racing today, but yesterday I had a call from my mechanic (this was late morning) to say my little MG had developed an electrical fault, and wouldn’t start, real frustrated as the car had been running smoothly all week.
About 3 hours later I had a call to say that they had checked 95% of the electrics, but still couldn’t pinpoint the problem.
About 3-4hours later I had another call to confirm my little car was not happy, with the problem found to be a blown fuse and the ECU got damaged 😦

Words can’t describe how I feel, so gutted not of been racing, I was looking forward to getting back out on the track and trying out the new upgrade to the engine, plus it’s the 25th anniversary for the Pembrey circuit, the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship and the BARC, so a big event.

It’s been a big gap since I last raced in April at Castle Combe, I missed the May race, so yeah many reasons to be disappointed in not racing. Hopefully all will be well for the next race meeting in October, and also have a test session between now and then.

I’m not blaming anyone, these things do happen, it’s motorsport after all. I just wish I had some better luck.

All I can do is keep positive, that things will get better and that I will have a great season finale. As a mate said to me “as soon as you pull up on the start line again all the bad is forgotten”

Keeping my chin-up, and praying for a good end to the year 🙂
Take Care and God Bless guys