Hi there again – wow third blog post in the same month, crazy! 🙂

The Uffington White Horse Show was on over the bank holiday weekend. It seemed to be another success this year with the main event once again taking place in the skies with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight – the last remaining Lancaster bomber; Spitfire; and Hurricane doing a amazing display. 🙂
Sunday was a little low on numbers, but Monday was pretty crowded – I think the weather had something to do with it, Sunday didn’t start off with the best of weather conditions – it rained briefly in the morning then dried up for it a rain heavily around 5-6pm, Monday was sunshine pretty much all day long.
I was helping out again on the Church stall – selling cakes, jams, scones etc,  I had enough time to wander around to see what was going on (and also brought a few pressies) before helping with car park duties.
During my little time away from my duties I got to see the ‘Chariots of Fire’ event in the main arena; it was really good to see; Amanda Saville the lady who was performing the display with her ponies, was sitting in a racing pony trap which was pulled along by various number of her ponies – from a single pony to unusual formations of up to 5 ponies, who were jumping and galloping over jumps (some of them in flames) going round obstacles and weaving round poles of fire! 🙂 There were also appearances by Hettie the heifer, a donkey and some Zwartbles sheep (which I unfortuately didn’t get to see).
I also saw the historic cars parade round – I missed the historic motorcycles which were there on Sunday.
There were various other displays – including Jaons Smyth’s Adrenaline Tour; Elaine Hill Sheepdog Display; Jonathan Marshall Falconry; White Horse Kites; Aisle O’var Backswording; Avon Valley Ferrets;
The other bits of the show included – Helicoper Rides; The Natural World Maquee; 2 marquee tents full of trade and craft stalls;  clay pigeon shooting; prayer tent and various other stalls around the show ground including – static engines; steam engines; merlin engines; trade stalls; confederate camp; crockery smash and last but not least the beer tent! But of course not forgetting Professor Crump!
It was a long day but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

I can’t think of anything else to say about the the weekend festivties – I’m sure I’ve must of missed something, usually do, but hopefully it’ll be all back again next year for lots more fun! 🙂

Take Care, Keep Smiling & Peace