Hi Guys

Sorry for the delay in reporting about my race weekend last week. Though I think you can guess from the title of this blog post that I didn’t race.

The car had been fixed up from all the accident damage, but when my mechanic Tony went for a test drive in it to prove that it worked and handled ok, he found that under heavy braking it snapped to the right. During the 2 weeks leading up to the race weekend he tried to figure out what was causing this by changing various parts, but nothing seemed to make a difference, eventually it came to be the diff/drive shaft leading into the gearbox that was the problem, so with a week to go Tony went to find another gearbox, the first one he found 3rd gear didn’t work – not useful; on Saturday afternoon he collected another gearbox (which I’m assuming is working), but on his way back to his workshop his truck decided it was going to break down, this was the reason why my hopes of finally racing died. I’m grateful for Tony’s hard work at trying his best to get me out, as he wants to be at the race track as much as I do to go racing. Words can’t describe how gutted I was not to be out racing – for the second time this year.
Here’s hoping that nothing else goes wrong, so I can do a test session in September so I can get some seat time before the last race of the season in October at Pembrey.

That’s it for this post, just thought I update you on my (not happening) race weekend.

Take Care & God Bless