Hi there guys

Well this last week has been mad with having the last couple of rehearsals for ‘Allo ‘Allo (Sunday all day and Tuesday evening) then 4 performances from Wednesday to Saturday. All the performaces went very well (albeit with the odd mistake – but only the cast and backstage crew knew them as such); the audiences on all the nights were great 🙂 I was doing the lighting for the Wednesday and Thursday nights of the show, then was sitting in the audience on the Friday night – due to my mum having already brought tickets for the show before I was asked to do the lighting.

Saturday I was in Birmingham for the celebration of one of my mum’s cousins 30th wedding anniversary 🙂 (hench why I wasn’t able to do the lighting for the final night performance of ‘Allo ‘Allo) it was a great  do, the food was really nice, plenty of chatting with various people – a number of them I hadn’t met before. Overall a nice relaxed atmosphere and really nice to be around family again 🙂

Sunday I just chilled out, to recover from all the craziness of the week and weekend 🙂 but I enjoyed myself nevertheless and now I’m having a quiet week.

I went to my body pump class this evening – I’m sure the arm track was more brutal then before, but I survived and feel good – it must be doing something good for me 🙂

Only one more day til Halloween – are any of you doing anything for it , or are you like me and just can’t quite be asked to do much. Well which ever way you spend your evening have a …

Well I think that’s it for now.

Night peeps

Take Care & God Bless