This weekend has been crazy!
Went to London on Saturday to watch Les Miserables at The Queens Theatre with family and some friends. I have always wanted to go and see it. WOW! it was a-maz-ing, it was very well perfomed (even though at the beginning a couple of the charcters came across a little weaker than I was expecting), the stage props and lighting were just incredible, loved the songs, the whole thing in general was quite an emotional experience from tearing up to laughing, and when it all finished feeling like you had actually felt what it was like to be there in that period of time. It’s well worth going to see! 🙂 Afterwards we went to The Porcupine to have dinner, which was really nice. Saying all that I was so glad to get out of the hustle and bustle of London and back into the countryside.

On Sunday I went to the ‘Allo ‘Allo rehearsal, getting to grips with the lighting for the show, that was such a long day as well, it didn’t help when a couple things didn’t go quite to plan. These things happen in theatrical performances, just like in a lot of things, but hopefully the final rehearsal on Tuesday will go well and people will relax a little knowing things are ready to go for the 4 nights of performances. I will only be doing the lighting for the Wednesday and Thursday performances due to my mum buying tickets for the Friday show, and at that point in time I hadn’t been asked to do the lighting, and on Saturday I’m off to Brimingham.

I’m still planning on going to my body pump class on Tuesday evening, then heading straight to rehearsals.

I’m going to be one very tired bunny come Sunday, as this week will be filled with lots of late nights, and early mornings – as I still have to go to work :/

Right I’m off to bed now.

Chill, Relax and God Bless 🙂