Hi there

I’ve been having a few problems with trying to get on here recently, so I’m sorry about not keeping up to date as I was planning.

Where to start…
I suppose I’ll start with the last weekend in Sept. I went to Essex on the Saturday to celebrate my aunts’ birthday. It was quite a long journey there and back – being ~3 hours both ways, but it was good to see both my aunt and uncle – who I don’t see very often. The event was pretty chilled and relaxed, having a BBQ, chatting, and for a little while just reading my book.

My trip to France (for work) during the week was interesting – even if parts of it were pretty dull and boring at times, but at least I know what it’s like to be in one of the factories. I left Tuesday afternoon and came back Thursday evening.

Last weekend I did a bit of shopping on Saturday, brought a very pretty little headband, a couple of hoodies, and a electrical appliance – I know that doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but it was a useful buy.
On Sunday I went to the One Family Service – which is a informal church service and it has refreshments afterwards 🙂 I then spent my time watching the BTCC at Silverstone, it was again all pretty clean racing, but the championship isn’t half hotting up :O

I’ve been going on my rowing machine from time to time, went to body pump last night – I didn’t ache as much as I was fearing (having missed last weeks session) so that was cool 🙂

This weekend has had a change of plan, as I won’t be off racing due to not being able to find the right diff for my car – gutted isn’t even half what I feel :(, but these things do happen, so hopefully the changes we (me, my mechanic, and my parents) have agreed to do during the winter will give me a fully working car for next year :).
With me not racing that doesn’t mean I haven’t already got other things to do, so lots of fun planned 🙂

I’ve also been watching Strictly Come Dancing, lets see how it all unfolds in the coming weeks 🙂

I think that’s it for now, hopefully my computer will be nice to me and let me post again on a more timely and frequent manner.

Bye for now. Take Care & God Bless