Hi guys

Sorry about not blogging much recently, I’ve been so caught up in the Olympics – especially the cycling (road and track events), swimming – that I’ve neglected mentioning anything about my racing.

Well I’m off racing this Sunday (5th August) at Pembrey. So if there is anyone who wishes to come along and say hello you are more than welcome. It is a historic moment for the Welsh Sport & Saloon Championship at Pembrey, as for the first time there will be a maxed out grid of 32 cars. So please come along and hopefully I wont feel quite so bad about racing whilst the Olympics is on.

Not much else to report at present; other than the usual; body pump on Tuesday, and a cycle ride – yes I’ve actually been able to go out for a ride as the weather was nice. I seriously need a new bike though, I’ve been looking at a couple of bikes – one is a nice black trek bike which has the option of having either mountain bike or road tyres on it; the other is a Women’s Vuelta racing road bike in white – but I will have to get my finger out to get that one at a resaonable price though. If anyone has any ideas on bikes ie which ones are good but not too expensive etc then I would be more than happy for any advice.

Take Care & God Bless