Hi guys

The time is getting near for my trip to Paris. Due to the lateness of Rob’s gig in Reading I won’t be going; but that means Amber and me will be having a girls night in :).

I’m nervous and excited about my trip. I think once I catch both trains on time, I’ll relax, then it’ll be on to finding my way from Gard de Nord to Hotel Exelmens – they are on either side of Paris! I’m sure I’ll be ok :).

I had a blood test on Tuesday, but I won’t know the result until next week.

Sirius has been finding this week very strange, as I’ve been the only one around – with my parents being away on holiday. I can’t believe just how quick these two weeks have gone :O. I think I need another one just to recovery from this one lol.

Well not much else to say for the time being. I’ll post about my trip to Paris when I get back.

Take Care & God Bless