Hi ya

Been a while since I last wrote anything, haven’t done much, bascially working – and lots of it. On Saturday I went for 6.5 mile cycle ride, which felt really good, though I’ve been pretty lazy since, though I did go to aerobics class on Tueday 🙂 I suppose a lot of it has to come down to the weather being so miserable 😦 but hey will see what tomorrow brings – will be it nice enough to go for a cycke ride or will be it some more time on the rower.

My (road) car went in for it’s MOT today, the only thing that was wrong with it was having to replace a front brake hose 🙂 not too bad could of been worst.

Getting slightly confused as to what day it is as certain (regular occuring) things have happen on different days this week, but I’m sure I’ll be ok, just getting a little excited about testing this Friday I suppose – and hoping that the weather calms down enough for it to go ahead though :s fingers crossed. These things happen when you do outdoor activities 🙂

I’ll be getting some more ink (tattoo) done in the next couple of weeks, picture(s) will follow after it’s done I promise. So excited about it 🙂

Beginning of this week I’ve painted my finger nails black & red, which looked so cool, though now it needs removing it’s kinda falling/chipped off. What colour will they be next week…?

I think that’s kinda it for the time being.

Chill Out, Take Care & God Bless