Hi there

This is my first blog post, I suppose I better introduce myself, so here goes:

I’m Verity Banks otherwise known as Vez, I race cars as a hobby, like watching various forms of motorsport, like reading books, love having a laugh with my mates, I keep fit by cycling, rowing, weight training, aerobics etc, I’m (as I call myself) a spiritual christian, I have a dry sense of humour at times, and I’m generally an all round friendly – if a little crazy (in a good way) person.

My blogging will be mostly about my racing, I’m racing an MG ZR in the Welsh Sport & Saloon Championship this year with a couple of races in the Castle Combe Saloon Championship. I had my first race of the season last weekend  – April 1st – at Pembrey, it was great to get back out after a long winter break 🙂 though the weekend for me was of mixed emotions. I finished both races but was having brake problems thoughout. In the first race I also had to contend with having petrol/oil sprayed over my car as another competitor’s engine blew up right in front of me, so was a little frustrated, but I’m happy to have come back with an undamaged car otherwise and two trophies yay. Next race (hopefully) will be at Castle Combe on May 7th.

I will also blog about other things that take my fancy outside of racing; like books, animals – especially my cat Sirius, he does some odd things 🙂 and other random stuff that I find funny or interesting. At the moment I’m reading the 6th book of the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King, these books have really taken me on a rollercoaster journey, they’re definately worth reading 🙂

I hope I haven’t bored you with my ramblings and I’ll try to keep you posted with what’s happening in my little world

Take Care 🙂